The Honolulu Rail Transit Project is a 20-mile elevated rail line with 21 stations. The project will connect West O`ahu with downtown Honolulu and Ala Moana Center via Honolulu International Airport.

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Born and raised in Honolulu, Christine Simmons has been working for Kiewit for nearly 11 years. She attended the University of Hawaii...

Update on Guideway Installation

Kiewit crews have been hard at work installing segments along Kamehameha Highway. There are currently three trusses, or installation equipment, along the alignment - one heading east from Puu Poni Street, one heading east from the future Pearlridge Station, and one focusing on segments near the future Aloha Stadium Station. 

Following the initial installation, a second crew will come by and place the segments into their final position. You can tell which segments are in their final position by the white grout pad between the top of the column and bottom of the guideway. 

Segment installation work will continue along Kamehameha Highway through the second quarter of 2017. 


Kamehameha Highway Guideway


Farrington Highway Guideway


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