Caring for our PC Complex through the generosity of giving community hearts

I would like to share photo collage images and comments from our Pearl City Complex Principals following Senator Breene Harimoto School Supply Fund Drive visits this week by TEAM BREENE to present donated school supplies and cleaning / disinfecting supplies to all 10 Pearl City Complex Schools.

It was an amazing experience that was life changing for TEAM BREENE members as each school Principal and their support staff welcomed us with heartfelt thanks for the much appreciated and needed donated supplies. It truly inspired us to commit ourselves even more to assist in supplementing our Principals and their schools needs as they navigate through the profound effects of the COVID-19 pandemic that has limited available supplies and resources.

Principal Zachary Sheets, Pearl City Highlands Elementary School

“During the COVID-19 Pandemic, we, as a school community, have embraced the theme Together. Stronger. We realize each of our circumstances are different and the crisis impacts us in different ways. Therefore, it is imperative we stay united, care for one another, and show compassion to one another so we are able to do the very best for our community. "Team Breene" lives by the same beliefs, and we thank them for the support! It is inspiring to know individuals from the community think of others above themselves in times such as these. Thank you "Team Breene" for supporting our students! Together, we truly are Stronger!”

Principal Doreen Higa, Momilani Elementary School

“Senator Harimoto's Team recently visited and gifted Momilani needed cleaning and school supplies , Our school is truly grateful. Senator Breene Harimoto's beautiful, caring spirit continues to watch over us! “

Principal Bryan Loo, Manana Elementary School

“It was great to see you folks in person again... it has been a long time, indeed! It was nice to meet Senator Misalucha for the first time. I was very proud to see Sean Sugai, a Manana Elementary alumnus, giving back to the community, and representing the new Pearl City High School Alumni Association.

I knew Breene from before he entered the political arena, and helping the Pearl City community, especially the ten complex public schools, was just something he always did. Thank you for honoring him, and his legacy of giving.

The faculty, staff, families and students of Manana are very thankful and appreciative of all the personal protective equipment, school supplies and cleaning/disinfecting supplies that were donated. Thank you to all the generous organizations, families and individuals who supported this inaugural event.”

Principal Gavin Tsue, Palisades Elementary School

Our Palisades Elementary School Ohana want to send a sincere Thank You to Team Breene Harimoto for graciously putting together this school drive which has a HUGE impact on our students' classroom needs during this pandemic period. With this tremendous help from our Pearl City community and beyond, these donations impact student achievement, continuous improvement, and overall development for our PC students. Aloha & Mahalo, Proud Principal of Palisades Elementary School, Gavin Tsue.”

Principal Stacie Kunihisa, Kanoelani Elementary School

“The school supplies donated to Kanoelani Elementary from the Senator Breene Harimoto School Supply Fund Drive was an incredible blessing and an example of WE > ME! Welcoming TEAM BREENE onto campus was the highlight of the day and brought smiles to our entire staff and our students on campus. These are truly tough times and we want to send our deepest appreciation to every single person that donated supplies and monetary funds. We cherish the community partnerships that will help carry us through this covid crisis. This will help us continue our efforts to have each child Learn More, Care More and Be More. Mahalo!!”

Principal Dr. Susan Hirokane, Pearl City Elementary School

"Our students, parents, faculty and staff are so very grateful that during these austere times, we value even more the kindness and generosity in donating supplies for our students.

Regardless of the challenges that we face, we are strengthened with confidence that since our community believes in the potential of our students, all of us can be assured of a brighter future."

Principal Troy Takazono, Waiau Elementary School

“I want to thank "Team Breene" for the much needed school supplies that were donated to Waiau Elementary School.  The generous assortment of paper towels, wipes, hand sanitizer, and face masks are very much appreciated.  The late Senator Breene Harimoto has always supported Waiau Elementary and this donation is in line with the legacy of community service that Senator Breene Harimoto leaves.  Again, on behalf of Waiau Elementary School, thank you very much.”

Principal Joseph Halfmann, Pearl City High School

“Pearl City High School Chargers appreciate the hard work of the committee and the generosity of the community to help our students and teachers in these challenging times.  The committee and community have honored Senator Harimoto, who was a stalwart friend of our Pearl City schools.   Thank you to all involved.”

Principal Alvan Fukuhara, Lehua Elementary School

“Lehua Elementary School is grateful and appreciative of the generosity shown by our Pearl City Community.  The donation of cleaning and school supplies from the Inaugural Senator Breene Harimoto School Supply Fund Drive will definitely help our community and students in need.  The spirit of Senator Harimoto’s life is indeed alive and well in everyone who donated and volunteered at the event.  Senator Harimoto was a caring and giving leader and this was a great way to honor his hard work and dedication to supporting children and education in Hawaii.”

TEAM BREENEis very grateful to our incredibly supportive partners and sponsors; Pearl City Shopping Center,, Baseball in Paradise, Pearl City Community Association, Pearl City High School Alumni Association, office of Senator Bennette Misalucha and the overwhelming generosity of our community for their donated school supplies and monetary donations.

I am so proud to be a part of TEAM BREENE; Kelsey Poaha, Noami Tully Ungacta, Sean Sugai, Senator Bennette Misalucha , and Robert Sato. Together, they serve our Pearl City community with their hearts in their hands and a beautiful spirit of compassion and kindness as community volunteers, neighbors and friends. A true reflection and blessing from the light that shines from the Heart, Soul, and Spirit of our friend, Breene Harimoto.

Mahalo to Kelsey Poaha for her amazing collage presentations that truly documented each donation presentation to our Pearl City Complex Schools.

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