From the WALL, the art of sharing welcomes the New Year!

I would like to share an incredibly inspiring moment that I recently experienced at the Pearl City Shopping Center’s Healing WALL. In early December, someone had posted a really neat “Merry Christmas” painting on the WALL that is usually filled with only post-it messages. I left the painting on the WALL so that others could enjoy the Christmas spirit that it brought to Pearl City Shopping Center patrons. I wondered who the artist was and really wanted to thank that person.

Last week while at the WALL, I noticed that the painting was gone and figured someone had taken it. To my surprise, upon my visit to the WALL this past Monday, another painting wishing everyone a “Happy New Year” had cheerfully taken its place. It appeared to be the work of the same artist. I was right. As I stood at the WALL admiring the painting, a couple walked up to me, said hello while also enjoying the painting. I told them that it was a wonderful work of art and I wish I knew who created it? Wishes due cone true, especially during the holiday season because the artist, Keoki Kuheana who was standing right next me introduced himself. Keoki is as humble as one can be and expressed his passion for painting and sharing his artwork and its messages with everyone. I told him that I think someone scooped his other painting and he responded, “That’s okay, I know that they are enjoying it right now.”

What makes this story so special, and one that I will always remember and tuck away in my “life changing memories” while at the WALL, is that it came as the last encounter at the WALL in its current form. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, It was decided not to continue to supply supply post-its and sharpee pens because of the spread of germs. The great news is that we are currently putting together a plan for the WALL to return in a digital format instead of physically posting paper post-it messages on the WALL.

From the WALL’s very first posted messages on Thursday, November 10, 2017, I have had so many people come up to me and share their posted messages and life stories. From keiki to kupuna, they have come to the WALL to share their thoughts through their handwritten messages and artwork. What began as the “Message of Life” W.A.L.L. – With Aloha, Love Lives soon became the “Healing WALL” for its special healing powers.

As I was taking the down the last post-it messages on Monday, I could hear Pearl City Shopping Center patrons that were making their way up the ramp to the Don Quijote store commenting that they hoped the WALL wasn’t going away. I said to myself that it would be nice to have someone share their story today before I leave. With only Keoki’s Happy New Year painting left at the WALL, his story through his painting and his presence became the final message and memory of the WALL’s first chapter of healing mankind through Love and Aloha.

Thank you Keoki! Happy New Year!


Photo by Barry Villamil |

Photo by Barry Villamil |

Photo by Barry Villamil |

Photo by Barry Villamil |

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