Learning the Art of Ikebana at Momilani Community Center

Ikebana, which is defined as “Living Flowers” bonds man and nature. Ikebana instructor Betty Tanaka brings her talent and love for the art of flower arranging to the Momilani Community Center. Betty offers her students a unique opportunity to learn and experience the ancient art of Ikebana.

I visited with Betty and her students this past Monday at the end of their class and was amazed at the beauty each element in the arrangements represented. The arrangements created by the students sat harmoniously, side by side, on a table each with its own personality and sense of being.

Later in the day I went back to my office and Googled “Ikebana” to learn more. Information with regard to the history and purpose of the art form and how important it is to Japanese traditional culture was in abundance online. It went deep, touching upon spirituality, nature and the beauty of life and the will to sustain it. Pretty heavy stuff but at the same time therapeutic.

If you are interested in signing up for Ikebana classes at Momilani Community Center with Betty Tanaka please see the information provided below.

Classes run every Monday from 9am-10am. Cost is $3.00 per class + Flowers

Momilani Community Center is located at: 715 Hoomoana Street, Pearl City, Hi. 96782 Tel: (808) 456-2073

The Momilani Community Center continues its efforts to provide cultural programs that benefit our Pearl City community residents.

Check out our photo gallery for Ikebana flower arrangement images.