Web Editor’s Message 11/19/09

Okay, side street graffiti artists must be the small guys. The one’s in training, a couple years away from the “big stuff”. That’s right, Freeway retaining wall graffiti! Have you checked out the retaining walls just above the H1 Freeway, westbound in Pearl City?

These guys actually pull off some incredible “Graffiti Murals” and in most cases never get caught. You know, it is truly amazing how they can lay down the messages that they put out in places that are so obvious and in plain view. We’re talking in some cases graffiti that goes 5’x’20. They have to work fast to pull that off. Maybe they work in teams of two or three guys, a spray can in each hand. I really don’t know. I’ve never seen them in action.

 Hey, that might make a great reality television show? You have 15 minutes to create your artwork. Each contestant has three colors to work with along with a limited amount of paint. The wall is 5’ x’20 (effective freeway viewing size). The show is formatted like the Iron Chef. An announcer calls out the action and keeps time. Former (reformed) graffiti artists along with celebrities serve as judges and also interpret each message.

Alright, I went too far. I would really like to thank the many volunteers who go out and
“wipe out” the work of these very misguided individuals who destroy both private and public property in our community. The costs that these community heroes incur to purchase the paint and supplies to fight graffiti is amazing when you actually add it all up.

Will we ever stop graffiti? Probably not, but the effort is definitely there to keep our community graffiti free.

Have a great Thanksgiving (guard your turkey’s!) and hope to see you around Pearl City.

Mahalo Nui Loa,

Barry A. Villamil

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