Pearl City Highlands Elementary School offers “Early Bird Imu Service” on Thanksgiving Day

Volunteers passing meats fresh from the imu to the pick up tables / Photo By: Barry Villamil 

Volunteers from the Pearl City Foundation, Pearl City Community Association and the Pearl City Lions Club, along with the schools parent group, Kokua Hui came together for the fundraiser event to help offset the current budget deficit.

A giant imu pit was dug out by the volunteers near the Pearl City Highlands Elementary School playground. Rain from Wednesday night turned the grounds a bit muddy but did not deter the volunteers from accomplishing their fundraiser mission. 

Hot and ready to go! / Photo By: Barry Villamil

Residents waiting in line for pick up / Photo By: Barry Villamil

Residents paid $20.00 to reserve imu space for each meat bundle. On Wednesday, those that purchased tickets were instructed to drop off their turkey, pork or ham at the school between 4:30pm and 6:00pm. Pick up was scheduled for Thursday morning starting at 8:00am and by 7:30am the lines began to form.


Toni Hirata and Ethel Suzuki of Pearl City were one of the first in line to pick their “hot from the imu” meats / Photo By: Barry Villamil

After picking up their special Thanksgiving feast, residents had smiles on their faces as they hurried off to share to their gifts with family and friends.

Thanks to the many volunteers who gave up their time to serve our community and to raise needed funds for Pearl City Highlands Elementary School.  

Also, thanks to all of you who purchased fundraiser tickets to support the school.


Happy Thanksgiving!