Merry Christmas from and a very Special Neighbor

Photo By: Barry Villamil

“The biggest reward is that the kids and the people really enjoy it. Every time we light up they come down from Newtown and Royal Summit that night. They also come from all over. East coast, West coast and some countries I’ve never heard of before,” said Benoza.

Photo By: Barry Villamil

Hoolauae Street is well known for its Christmas lights that brighten up most of the residences from the top to the bottom of the street. It’s an awesome display of Christmas lights and decorations that will definitely have you coming back each for year for another stroll.

“They come back every year, commented Benoza. Had one guy, he used to come back every year. He has exchange students that come from Russia, Afghanistan and from China.”

Those who stop in to enjoy the lights have also received a special treat this year upon arrival, “We’re always giving candies too. We gave over 1500 candies since we started. That’s how many people came through already. We’re down to our last box,” said Benoza.

Photo By: Barry Villamil

Looking at the amount of lights and decorations spread out over the Benoza property, it is obvious that it takes a good amount of time, effort and coordination to pull it off.  “It takes about two months. We start in October. We first check the lights, little at a time,” said Benoza.

Donald, Misty and John / Photo by: Barry Villamil

The job is a big one and Mr. Benoza (the Luna) has an experienced, seasoned crew helping out which includes daughter, Misty who is the number one assistant to Chief Engineer, John Decker.

Thank you Donald, Misty and John for brightening up our community and our lives each Holiday season!

From all of us at, have a safe and very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!