Pearlridge Rotarians volunteer at Lehua Elementary School


The Pearlridge Rotary Club sent a few members to Lehua Elementary School in Pearl City on Tuesday, June 1st and Wednesday, June 2nd to help in the schools campus renovation project.

The Pearlridge Rotary Club volunteers assisted in boxing up supplies and inventory from the schools administration offices.

                                                             Photo by Barry Villamil | [email protected]

Pearlridge Rotary Club members, Rick Lau (top row-second from left) Gordon Arakaki (next to Lau) and Barry Villamil (bottom row-right) pose with Lehua Elementary staff and volunteers on Tuesday, June 1st in the school administration offices.

"The school renovations started in February," said Lehua Elementary School Vice Principal, Ursula Kawaguchi. "They will be changing the louvers, framing and replacing the floors next in the administration offices. They will also be working on D Building and the Cafeteria as well as painting the entire school."

The renovations so far, has given the school a much needed, "rejuvenating atmosphere" and will be truly appreciated when faculty, staff and students return from summer break. 

"The work will be done when the teachers come back for early training beginning on July 26th," said Kawaguchi. "The students return for orientation on August 2nd and begin school the next day on August 3rd."


                                                             Photo by Barry Villamil | [email protected]

Pearlridge Rotary Club member, Cheryl Cudiamat helps pack up file cabinet content in the schools administration offices on Wednesday, June 2.

                                                             Photo by Barry Villamil | [email protected]

Barry Villamil (left) Lehua Elementary School Vice President, Ursula Kawaguchi (center) and Cheryl Cudiamat (right).

                                                             Photo by Barry Villamil | [email protected]

Lehua Elementary School receiving a fresh new coat of paint during the summer.

Mahalo to the Pearlridge Rotary Club for their commitment to the Pearl City community and the Pearl City District Complex Schools.

Also, mahalo to Dean Masuno for volunteering his time to help the Pearlridge Rotary Club on Wednesday at Lehua Elementary School.