Message from the Editor: Happy Father’s Day!


Aloha Everyone!,

I would like to wish all the Dad's a great Father's Day. On this day we honor you and hope that it is shared with family. For those Dad's who may be separated from their families, I pray that you will make a connection and be reunited soon. May this day also bless those that have recently passed on. Your spirit lives on in the hearts of loved ones and friends.

I have a special Dad and I would like introduce him to you. His name is Robert Villamil and he's the kind of Dad that never hesitates to help and support his children. He is retired from the United States Marine Corps and is a veteran of both the Korean and Vietnam Wars.

My family moved to Pearl City in 1970 after my Dad returned from duty in Vietnam. Upon his return he was stationed at Camp Smith where he retired in 1972. He joined Bank of  Hawaii where he also retired (not sure the year).

My Dad was also involved in supporting his community as a football and baseball coach as well as a Boy Scout Pack Leader. He taught me a valuable lesson in life while growing up playing sports. His philosophy was that everyone should play, no matter what. Even if it was a critical time in the game, he made changes. Nobody would sit the bench the entire game. He instilled in us the need to trust that your teammates will do their job in any situation. Twenty one years of training and experience in the Marine Corps being brought down to our level. It worked. His players played with confidence and spirit and they knew how to win as a team. We were also taught that losing wasn't the end of the world. We shook the hand of the winning team and moved on.

I have to truly say that his philosophy has had an affect on how I live my life today.

That's my Dad. I'm blessed to have him in life.

Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to share a part of my life with you.

Enjoy the day!


Barry A. Villamil

Web Editor / Community Liaison


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