Message from the Editor: Very special ladies



I had the honor of meeting an extraordinary group of women on Tuesday in the parking lot of the Pearl City Zippy's as I was making my way to a lunch meeting. They had just finished lunch and were attempting to take a photo of their group before going on their way for the day. I offered to take the photo and they accepted (with a cheer).

The women represented educators from both Pearl City and Aiea.  They have a tradition that brings them together on Holiday's for lunch at the Pearl City Zippy's location near the Pearl City Shopping Center.

"Normally we meet on Holiday's at Zippy's, but today is a special day because Yong (Slyconish) who is my daughter's mother in law is visiting from Philadelphia," said Harriet Carmody.

After taking the photo, one of the ladies in the group, noticed the logo on my polo shirt and asked me what it meant? I passed out my business card and explained the mission and purpose of our web site. Marcie Simon from the group, noticed my last name on my business card and told me that she knew my parents from Our Lady of Good Counsel Church in Pearl City. She went on to say that my mother had actually taught her granddaughter at the OLGC School. That was truly a pleasant surprise.

It was really nice chatting with them for the short time that we spent together. They represent a generation when people were polite and nice and made you feel safe when they were around.

Before departing, I asked the ladies permission to take a group photo of them for a cover shot and feature story on They were excited to do so!

I took the photo, wished them a good day, and turned to make my way towards the stairs to the Zippy's Restaurant for my lunch meeting. I couldn't wait to get out my cell phone, pull up my calendar, and check for the next scheduled Holiday.

                                                             Photo by Barry Villamil | [email protected]

Pictured from left to right: Joyce Kawamura, Loretta Taise, Marcie Simon, Harriet Carmody, Yong Slyconish and Millie Wong.


Have a great day!



Barry A. Villamil

Web Editor / Community Liaison

[email protected]