Momilani 4th graders present “The Environmental Show”


Momilani Elementary School 4th graders took their message of going green on Wednesday as they performed to "The Environmental Show" before a packed house at the school cafeteria.

Students, faculty, family and friends enjoyed two performances by the 4th graders that sent a message for the need to take care of our environment by cutting down on pollution, saving water, using less energy and avoiding our landfills.

Play Description:

(Taken from The Environmental Show program)

Written by Ron Fink and John Heath    Directed by Bill Ogilvie

It's the night before the band's last – chance gig – and their old tour bus has broken down. As they set up a sloppy camp, strange creatures emerge from the woods. Did we say strange? Enchanted is more like it: plastic bottles, banana skins, light bulbs, and even a rusted-SUV come to life, and they can sing! They've got some great advice for the rockers on how to change their behavior, save the band, and help help the environment.

Director Bill Ogilvie returned to Momilani Elementary School to lend his skills and to prepare the 4th grade actors for their performance. Once again, Momilani Elementary School students presented a flawless performance behind Mr. Ogilvie's guidance and expertise.

The students performed to the following song list:

1. "The Band Went Green" – Whole Class

2. "You Threw Me Away" – Plastic Water Bottles

3. "Everyone Wins" – Banana Skins

4. "Plant a Salad" – French Fries, Chicken Nuggets, and Styrofoam Containers

5. "eBay" – Bicycles

6. "Rejection" – Light Bulbs, Air Conditioners, and Refrigerators

7. "Save a Little Bit for Me" – Fish

8. "Four Green R's" – Green R's

9. "Leave Me in the Driveway" – SUV's

10. "The Band Went Green" (reprise) – Whole Class

The success of Wednesday's performance of The Environmental Show by the Momilani Elementary School 4th graders received a lot of support. Thanks to the following individuals who played an integral role in supporting the students:

Mrs. Higa – Principal

Mr. Ogilvie – Director

Performance Banner – Rick and Tricia Gudino

Program Layout – Bobby Asato

Video Taping – Damien Boncales

Parent Directors – Andrea Iwamoto & Rhonda Sagara

Supervision – Elsie Chun & Karyn Ku

Stage Set-Up – James Poyo

Program Copies – Shari Evans



Damien Boncales

Mohala Boncales

Todd Duyvejonck

Ken Evans

Tammy Furuta

Lance Hayashi

Richard Hiroshige

Jann Masaki

Miles Matsuda

Tammy Matsunaga

Edean Nomura

Warren Shoda

Elmer Tabios

Scott Yoshihara



Rona Kessner

Eddie Antonio


A special mahalo to the Grade Four parents for their help!



                                                         Photo by Barry Villamil / [email protected]