Pearl City Lions volunteer at Momilani Elementary School


Written by Lance Nishihara, Momilani Elementary School Counselor:

On March 15, a crew from the Pearl City Lions club visited our school for a little service project that we requested. To preserve order during the morning before school starts, our upper grade students have obediently listened to our request to stay in their designated areas.

A simple painted line has kept order and ensured a safe start in the morning. Kids sit, talk story, read, review upcoming tests with each other, play quiet games, and sometimes complete work that was unfinished from the night before.

Our lower grades did not have a line to create the same order in which the upper grades were following. Although our lower grade students have designated wait areas too, some children would forget to wait properly which then makes it a safety concern for us. So, one of our teachers recommended that the same lines be painted downstairs where our younger children wait before the bell rings in the morning.

A week before the project was to be done, our JPO advisor (Gr. 5 teacher) took the time to meet with her JPO's and informed them of the new lines which were to be painted and the new duties that were to follow. After that, the JPO's visited all the classrooms informing them of their new duties which were to patrol our campus and walkways, ensuring safety for all.

This past Monday, the first day back to school from break, it was pretty impressive. The newly painted lines have created order, safety, and piece of mind for grandparents as they chat with other grandparents or parents in the morning.

                                                                                   Photo provided by Lance Nishihara

Pearl City Lions Club volunteers helping out at Momilani Elementary School. (L to R: Paul Kudo, Alice Kudo, Roger Olegario, Les Hamada, Ron Hajime, Al DeMello, Jerry Nagatani, Roger Acpal).

                                                                                   Photo provided by Lance Nishihara

Pearl City Lion, Roger Olegario pictured painting safety lines for the lower grades at Momilani Elementary School.

                                                                                   Photo provided by Lance Nishihara

Pearl City Lion, Jerry Nagatani pictured connecting safety lines during the club's community service project at Momilani Elementary School.

                                                                                   Photo provided by Lance Nishihara

Safety lines at work! Students sitting quietly in designated safe zone area before school started on Monday morning.

Mahalo to the Pearl City Lions Club volunteers!