First graders honor grandparents at Momilani Elementary School


Momilani Elementary School in Pearl City held their annual luncheon for grandparents of the first grade class on Thursday at the schools cafeteria.

"Each grade level throughout the school year has a special gathering for their grandparents (but some bring their parents, aunty's or uncle's)," said Lance Nishihara, Counselor, Momilani Elementary School.

First grade grandparents and invited guests, enjoyed an hour long luncheon that included a video presentation from each student that shared their appreciation and thank you to their special grandparents. The students also performed a few songs to the delight of their grandparents.

"It's a wonderful time for grandparents to visit our school and watch their grandchildren perform," said Nishihara.

Thursday's grandparents luncheon was successful, once again, because of the ongoing dedication of the Momilani Elementary School staff, administration, students and a strong core of parent volunteers that truly make a difference.

"It takes a lot of school effort by the school teachers to put on something like this," said proud grandparent, Roy Matsuo. "It's a privilege for my grandchildren to come to this school. Good leadership and the staff is awesome."

                                                             Photo by Barry Villamil |

First grade grandparent, Roy Matsuo ready to enjoy lunch with his two grandchildren on Thursday at the Momilani Elementary School cafeteria.

                                                             Photo by Barry Villamil |

5th grade student council volunteers did a great job helping the grandparents, invited guests and students throughout the grandparents day luncheon.

                                                             Photo by Barry Villamil |

Momilani Elementary School first grade class pictured performing for their grandparents and invited guests on Thursday.