Momilani Elementary School Kindergarteners present Jack & the Beanstalk



Momliani Elementary School's drama program showcased their Kindergarten class in a presentation of the classic children's tale, "Jack & the Beanstalk". Faculty, staff, students, parents, guests and supporters filled the schools cafeteria on Monday for two showings at 8:30am and 6:00pm.

Momilani Drama Director, Mr. Bill Ogilvie did an excellent job preparing the cast for their acting and singing debut and also had a role in the play as the "Giant".

The cast of the Jack & the Beanstalk included roles as: Jack, Storytellers, Mothers, Cooks, Farmers, Sheep, Shepards, Geese, Servants and the Giant.

The stage set design, lighting, stage props, and costumes were impressive. It gave the audience the feeling that they were attending a mini version of a performance at the Manoa Theater.

It was an all around wonderful experience. It's exciting to think of future  performances that this class of Kindergarteners will present as they make their way through the upper grade levels as students at Momilani Elementary School.

Congratulations to school Principal, Doreen Higa for her support of the Momilani Drama Program and her love for the arts and especially for her students.

A special mahalo goes out to all the individuals who faithfully come together during the school year to assist each grade level with their performances. Job well done!

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