Myrtle Nyuha

Jun 1, 2011 | Heart and Soul

Slow Down

Myrtle Nyuha has dedicated and committed time and self to serve the Pearl City community. As a long time Pearl City resident, Nyuha has seen her neighborhood and community grow and change through the years.

Nyuha currently serves on the Pearl City Neighborhood Board and is also involved in community safety as a neighborhood watch coordinator and as a volunteer for the HPD – CTAP (Community Traffic Awareness Program) that promotes safe driving in our Pearl City community.

“I’m very enthusiastic about community safety and I’m a neighborhood watch coordinator for my area. I have about 120 homes. I also volunteer with the CTAP (Community Traffic Awareness Program) which encourages drivers to slow down and be more aware of their environment. It’s about safety for the residents as well as the kids. I hope that everybody would adhere to the speed limits.”

As a former cardiac patient, Nyuha feels the need to help others. She volunteers each week at Queens Hospital through Mended Hearts Inc. to help support cardiac patients as they make their way through the recovery process.

“I’m also a volunteer for Mended Hearts. I volunteer over at Queens Hospital as a cardiac volunteer. I feel very honored to do that service for Queens Hospital. Mended Hearts is a national organization and we help all kinds of heart disease people. We’re a support and encouraging support group.”

Myrtle Nyuha cares for the people who call Pearl City their home. She is an example of how one person can touch so many hearts while making Pearl City a great community in which to live in.

“I hope to see you soon. Please come out and help us in our efforts to curb down speeding in Pearl City," Myrtle Nyuha.