Naomi Tully-Ungacta

Jun 14, 2011 | Heart and Soul's, "Heart & Soul" would like to recognize Naomi Tully-Ungacta, Program Director at the Pearl City Foundation's, Momilani Community Center.

Tully-Ungacta is born and raised in Pearl City. She grew up in Palisades and currently resides in Salt Lake in Honolulu. Being employed by the Pearl City Foundation keeps her close to her Pearl City roots and community on a daily basis.

"I was a stay at home mom and I was taking my kids to Leahi Swim School lessons here at the Momilani Community Center and saw this sign that intrigued me on the bulletin that said "looking for a program director for the community center," said Tully-Ungacta. "I thought that was interesting, doing something with kids now that I'm a mother and also doing something for the community. I thought that would be nice, so I inquired and got the job."

That was four years ago and under her direction, programs at the Pearl City Foundation, Momilani Community Center have grown and excelled and have made a direct impact in our Pearl City Community.

"I think all of our programs has evolved," Tully-Ungacta said. "We've expanded most of our programs and the attendance or the new enrollment have increased for pretty much all our programs and we've also added several programs."

Programs include; Hula, Ikebana Flower Arranging, Tai Chi, Boxing, Karate, Line Dancing, Community Fit Club, Zumba Gold, Kung Fu, Tahitian Dancing, Swimming, etc.

The center's Intersession Enrichment Programs offer children from grades K-6 an opportunity to learn and experience fun activities during school breaks. Under Tully-Ungacta's management and guidance, the Intersession Enrichment Programs have grown to benefit the Pearl City community in a big way.

"This summer our enrollment is the highest ever," Tully-Ungacta said. "It's been great, I'm glad we've been able to offer this to the community. One reason for our success is that we try to change things up a little bit every session. With everything we do, my leaders and I try to make improvements all the time. We added an early enrollment special for this summer session. We shaved a significant amount off of the full session price and a lot of parents took advantage of that. If they enrolled by May 1, we took a $150.00 off of the regular enrollment."

Tully-Ungacta has built and retained a team of leaders that are loyal to her and the program. The result is a great learning experience for all involved, especially for the kids.

"I think we have a standout program," Tully-Ungacta said. "We have great leaders. Most of them have been with me since I started. There's loyalty there, and they know the kids. No matter what they have going on in their lives, they make time to come back for pretty much every session. They always submit ideas and they are always helping to try and make the program work. A lot of the leaders stay well past their shift and hang around because they like being around the center and the kids."

The leaders and kids love hanging around their program director, Ms. Naomi as well. She has a big heart and is a true asset to everyone she touches at the center and the Pearl City community.

Tully-Ungacta has a management style that is warm, welcoming, productive and successful, and will always makes sure that credit is given first, to her hard working staff and students in the program.

                                                       Photo by Barry Villamil |

Pearl City Foundation Program Director, Naomi Tully-Ungacta with Matthew, Junior Leader, Intersession Enrichment Program – Summer Session.

                                                       Photo by Barry Villamil |

Intersession Enrichment Program – Summer Session Leaders pictured with Naomi Tully-Ungacta (far right) at the Momilani Community Center in Pearl City.

                                                       Photo by Barry Villamil |

Intersession Enrichment Program – Summer Session Junior Leaders.

                                                       Photo by Barry Villamil |

Intersession Enrichment Program – Summer Session Leader pictured working with students at the Momilani Community Center.

                                                       Photo by Barry Villamil |

Students pictured participating in an activity that found them preparing healthy trail mix snacks.

                                                       Photo by Barry Villamil |

Intersession Enrichment Program – Summer Session students enjoying activities in  the Momilani Community Center lawn area.

                                                       Photo by Barry Villamil |

Intersession Enrichment Program – Summer Session students take a cool dip in the Momilani Community Center pool with Program Director, Naomi Tully-Ungacta.


For more information contact Naomi Tully-Ungacta at:

(808) 456-2073


Momilani Community Center is located at:

715 Ho'omoana Street

Pearl City, Hawaii 96782