No contract renewal for Chargers head football coach Kamaka

Dec 12, 2011 | PC Sports


The Pearl City High School Athletics Administration decided not to renew the contract for Chargers Head Football Coach Kai Kamaka which also affected the entire varsity and junior varsity coaching staff positions.

                                                       Photo by Barry Villamil | [email protected]

The Chargers varsity and junior varsity football programs made history in 2011, finishing the 2011 OIA White Division regular season with undefeated records. The varsity finished runner up to Waipahu in the OIA Championship. The junior varsity won the OIA Championship finishing undefeated overall.

The news that Coach Kamaka would no longer be the Chargers head coach hit hard with the coaches, players, and program supporters. Coach Kamaka was most concerned for his kids. Many of them he has coached since they were in Pop Warner.

”When I first heard about the situation and our contract not being renewed, I was hurt but more or less hurt for the kids,” said Kamaka. “We’re not able to no longer be a part of them. A lot of them made some huge strides in the last three years since we came in. That was the biggest impact. I think that meant more to me than winning any OIA championship or going undefeated.”

Coach Kamaka still maintains a positive relationship and connection to Pearl City High School. He is currently on the Chargers Wrestling coaching for staff but would like to also concentrate on spending time with family.

“I will still be very plugged into Pearl City,” Kamaka said. “I have kids here and not just my own kids, but kids from all over in the community. I will definitely be here but to what extent and how important my role will be I’m not even sure yet. It’s more or less my structure for my family.”

Coach Kamaka is in demand, and if he should decide to throw his hat back in the coaching ring, he does have options.

“I was offered four places already,” Kamaka said. “I just kind of threw some stuff out there to friends, other head coaches and other AD’s that were interested in the things that we were doing. They gave me some advice on what I should and shouldn’t do. A lot of positions opened up in the last two or three days. I got four calls to go to four different schools.”

It has been a learning process for Coach Kamaka in the past three years of his tenure at the helm of the Chargers football program. They have reached highs but also experienced challenges to the program that both Coach Kamaka and Athletic Director Reid Shigemasa have had to address and work through.

“Actually it was philosophical differences from me and the Athletic Director, but as far as what they are looking for I’m not sure,” Kamaka commented on the administrations decision not to renew his contract. “I can leave with everything intact, knowing what and why I came here. A lot of people don’t realize that there is a lot more to being a head coach than coaching, especially at the high school level. I’ve been a coordinator for offenses at the high school level for years. This is my first ever high school head coach endeavor. I’ve learned a lot more in my third season than I did in my first two. I learned more on the procedures and policy. Our school is a lot different. The expectations is a lot more which is something that we were trying to get adjusted to and I guess in that period of time it just didn’t work. I have to say this about our Pearl City High School administration, we have a great principal. Mrs. Fujimoto is an awesome person. Our three VP’s also showed me the utmost respect and support.”

Through adversity that Coach Kamaka has faced in the last few days, he once again has turned to the positive influence that guided him to his success and will define his path into the future.

“My biggest supporter and mentor I would have to say would have been leaning back on the word of God,” Kamaka said. “I kind of got away from it when I got into coaching. Actually, when all of these endeavors just came down, I just replanted myself back in the word and got myself back together. I told myself just lean on his expectations and let it be your way. If this is your design plan for me than let it be.”

Good luck Coach Kai!

                                                       Photo by Barry Villamil | [email protected]

Chargers Head Coach Kai Kamaka (front row, middle) pictured with his 2011 Varsity and Junior Varsity coaching staff.

                                                       Photo by Barry Villamil | [email protected]

Coach Kai pictured with his biggest supporters, his Kamaka ohana.