Pearl City’s ‘Chow Line Warriors’

Aug 6, 2012 | PC Sports


University of Hawaii Warrior football training camp is well underway with two very special Warriors, David Lefotu and Beau Yap who represent our Pearl City community as third year sophomores on the 2012 squad.

                                                       Photo by Barry Villamil | [email protected]
(From left to right) Beau Yap, Warrior Head Coach Norm Chow, and David Lefotu pose for a photo at the Warriors practice field on Friday, August 3, 2012.

Lefotu is a 2010 graduate of Pearl City High School while Yap is a 2010 graduate of Kamehameha Schools-Kapalama campus.

Both Lefotu and Yap are expected to play big roles for Warriors first year Head Coach Norm Chow who has a brought a new, high level of intensity to the Warrior football program. It's an intensity and spirit that has Lefotu and Yap excited and thrilled at the opportunity of being a part of Coach Chow's legacy as he brings his talent and decorated experience and success to the University of Hawaii Warrior football program.

Coach Chow in return, is appreciative to have the two Warriors from Pearl City on the team. They have both shown him a very positive attitude, work ethic, and respect for their teammates and coaching staff that will guide the Warriors while setting examples of leadership for the future.

Lefotu is a 6-3, 305 pound starting right guard on the offensive line while Yap, who is 6-1, 260 pounds is fighting for a starting spot on the Warrior defensive line. first interviewed the two Warriors back in 2010 in their freshman year during the Warrior football summer training camp. I am honored to be able to present the following interview as we catch up on their progress as veteran Warriors in 2012.

Mahalo to Coach Chow for contributing his time for the following cover story.

Also mahalo to Neal Iwamoto, Assistant Media Relations Director at University of Hawaii for his assistance in arranging and coordinating the interviews.

                                                       Photo by Barry Villamil | [email protected]

Warrior Head Coach Norm Chow walks amongst his players during the second day of practice at the Warriors practice field located on the University of Hawaii Manoa campus on Friday, August 3, 2012.

Coach Chow gave his opinion after Friday's practice on the role that our two Pearl City raised Warrior teammates will play along with expectations for 2012.

"I think they both do terrific jobs," said Coach Chow. "We expect a lot out of them. We expect a lot out of Dave on the offense, and Beau has really stepped up his game. You know Beau had a chance last spring to step in and play and he's never really pushed that role. We're real pleased with both of them. They'll both be regulars for us. Hopefully we can stay healthy with them both. We rely on those two. Those are very two important people in what we have. You got any more? Send them out because these two have done a nice job."

There has been a huge change in the approach to off-season conditioning under Coach Chow and his coaching staff that can be seen in both Lefotu and Yap.

"We do a nice job in the off season," Coach Chow said. "We set goals that we wanted them to get after last spring. I think Dave has done a real nice job. You can see him physically look better. Beau needed to get a little bit stronger and he's doing it. Dave and Beau are two special kids."

Coach Chow understands that it will take time to guide and shape his Warrior football team to the level of play and success that he has had his hand in throughout his coaching career. Motivating his players to work hard, especially as the Warriors prepare for their season opener against USC on September 1 is well underway.

"We have a long way to go," Coach Chow said. "If winning and losing is determined by effort, we'll be okay."


MYPC Q & A: Beau Yap and David Lefotu

#92 Beau Yap

                                                       Photo by Barry Villamil | [email protected]


Level of conditioning entering training camp?

I got a lot heavier, I probably put on about ten to fifteen pounds since then and I've improved on my speed. I got used to the speed of the game and I've kind of overall improved, so I feel good about my play at the college level.

Speed of practice and tempo under Coach Chow?

I feel it's a great way to teach us with the intensity and the pace that we practice at will make the game not easier, but easier on breathing so we're in better shape. Throughout the summer we had an excellent training program that was a lot more intense than the past few years. I feel a lot better about going into the season.

Defensive line connection with teammates and new coaching staff?

Our D-line is at a pretty good level with our new coaches. Were starting to gel. We're just feeling out how people play and where they will be in certain plays.

2012 season goals?

Ultimately to start, have a winning record this season and eventually go to a bowl game.


#76 David Lefotu

                                                       Photo by Barry Villamil | [email protected]


Level of conditioning entering training camp?

I've lost a lot of weight from my freshman year. I feel a lot better moving around, it's a lot easier now and I feel a lot quicker. My conditioning definitely went up. This tempo is just so demanding of us.

Speed of practice and tempo under Coach Chow?

The tempo is a lot faster during practice. I love it. I think it's a good change from what we were used to in the past. I feel its better for our offense and as well as our defense,  so when they go up against those offense's that just keep coming and it's like clock work. It will be better for us because we'll be used to playing like that in the game. I really enjoy the tempo that it is right now. It pushes me to practice harder and it really pushes me to empty my tank during each practice.

Offensive line connection with teammates and new coaching staff?

We're really starting to build a good connection with our new coaches. Like I said before, everything is different and even to the coaching style. The coaching styles are a lot different from the past. They're really up in our face and really pushing us. We kind of had a rocky start in the beginning, but I feel we're making good progress right now.

2012 season goals?

My goal is to keep my starting spot and just better myself as a player and offensive lineman and really establish myself as leader on this offense. I want to contribute to a winning season and to take us to a bowl game. I'm not settling for anything less.

Good luck to Pearl City's 'Chow line Warriors' Beau Yap and David Lefotu!

                                                       Photo by Barry Villamil | [email protected]