CTAP volunteers join forces to slow down traffic on Kaahele Street

Nov 28, 2012 | PC Community


The CTAP – Community Traffic Awareness Program conducted another signwaving event on Kaahele Street in Aiea near the entrance to the Newtown Recreation Center on Thursday, November 27, 2012.

The purpose of the event was to remind motorists to slowdown and watch for pedestrians as they commute through our Aiea and Pearl City neighborhoods. Keeping area kids and neighbors safe is a concern and the message sent out to motorists on Thursday.

This area project is in collaboration with HPD and led by State Representative K. Mark Takai and community residents.

“The overall purpose of this project is to raise safe driving awareness and it has been successful in other communities to curb the number of motorists speeding on heavily traveled streets,” said Rep. K. Mark Takai (District 34 – Aiea, Pearl City).

                                                             Photo by Barry Villamil | [email protected]

Mrs. Takai (Mark's mom) helped out on Thursday during the CTAP signwaving event on Kaahele Street. (Marks's dad also participated as well)

“CTAPs are important to raise awareness in our communities that have chronic complaints of speeding,” said Officer Anthony Bonilla. “We want to create a partnership with communities with concerns about speeders.”

“There continues to be a problem with people speeding up and down Kaahele Street at all times of the day and this often results in pedestrian accidents and fatalities,” Takai said. “We need drivers to obey the speed limit along this street and be aware of pedestrians in the crosswalk.”

“Drivers have to be mindful of people crossing the street,” said Aiea resident Julia Mayne. “I think it’s wonderful to make people aware that they should not be speeding on Kaahele Street because people are crossing the street too.”

Mrs. Mayne is one of the community residents who has participated in the past eleven Kaahele Street CTAP events in 2010, 2011 and 2012.

“This is a heavily traveled road in Aiea, not only by community residents, but also by those using Kaahele Street as a passageway to Pearl City and Pacific Palisades,” Takai said. “The goal of the project is to make drivers slow down and be aware of pedestrians in the crosswalk.”

                                                              Photo by Barry Villamil | [email protected]

Representative Takai uses the recently installed traffic flags that have been implemented to help make pedestrians more visible to motorists as they cross in the marked crosswalk on Kaahele Street near the entrance to the Newtown Recreation Center.

                                                              Photo by Barry Villamil | [email protected]

HPD Officers Pua Conti (left) and Anthony Bonilla (right) pose with a CTAP volunteer on Thursday near the crosswalk on Kaahele Street fronting the entrance to the Newtown Recreation Center.