Pearl Harbor Bike Path Clean Up Event on April 6

Mar 26, 2013 | PC Community



What: Pearl Harbor Bike Path Clean Up Event
When: Saturday, April 6, 2013 from 8:00am to 11:00am
Where: Meet at one of two different locations: 6
1) HPD on Waipahu Depot Rd: Kapakahi & Pupuole areas
2) Neil Blaisdell Park: park, McGrew to park, Puuloa & Lehua

Work to include:

1) Cleaning bike path of trash & heavy debris from McGrew
Point to Neil Blaisdell Park
2) Cleaning Neil Blaisdell Park
3) Weeding & mulching at Puuloa Stream
4) Graffiti removal & path clean up near Lehua Elementary
5) Cleaning Kapakahi Stream, Pouhala Marsh & drainage ditch
across HPD on Waipahu Depot Road
6) Cleaning Pupuole Park & drainage ditch in the area

Volunteers and partnerships build stronger communities.
Team up with adopter Howard Ai, volunteer groups from
HECO, Pearl City Lions Club, Waipahu Coalition, government
agencies from USACE, HPD, Navy, USAR, ENV and many more
in this worthwhile clean up event. Come and make a difference!

For more information please contact SWQ Coordinator,
Tonya Ketza at 768-3248 or e-mail at [email protected]

Ear t h  M o n t h and  Mak e A  Di f f e r e n c e  M o n t h  A c t i v i t ies :

• D e v e l o p s E n v i r o n m e n tal
Stewardshi p

• C r e a tes  H e a l t h y

• Initiates Community

• Promotes Commu n i ty
P r i d e


                                            File Photo | [email protected]

Volunteers representing the Pearl City Community Association

and Mana Loa-Nimitz Lions Club are pictured near Blaisdell Park

in Pearl City during the 2011 Pearl Harbor Bike Path Clean Up.

                                            File Photo | [email protected]

HECO volunteers pictured cleaning the area between the Pearl Harbor

Bike Path and the Pearl Harbor shoreline in Pearl City during the

2011 Pearl Harbor Bike Path Clean Up.

                                            File Photo | [email protected]

                                            File Photo | [email protected]

                                            File Photo | [email protected]

Volunteers tend to the different varieties of Native Hawaiian plants

that are thriving in the Puuloa Natural Springs area near the Pearl

Harbor shoreline in Pearl City.

Community Volunteers Truly Make a Difference!

                                            File Photo | [email protected]

                                            File Photo | [email protected]