Happy Heifer, Hui in the Pot, Nalo Farms Leeward Farmers Market’s “Businesses of the Week”

Sep 4, 2013 | PC Community


This week, we are proud to feature two Nalo Farms Leeward Farmers Market business owners who just happen to be sisters and proud graduates of Pearl City High School. Hui in the Pot owner Lori Taylor Rodriguez, PCHS '78 and Happy Heifer Hawaiian Greek Yogurt owner Doni Chong, PCHS '84 work side by side at the Leeward Farmers Market with Lori cooking up delicious mixed plates and Doni serving up fresh Hawaiian Greek Yogurt.

Together, the sisters bring a special blend of fresh Hawaiian grown ingredients along with Aloha for their new and return loyal customers. The bond between them not only cultivates their creativity, but also drives their entrepreneurial spirit. A spirit that each week, produces a truly world class product that represents the Hawaii farmer and the flavors of our islands.


Nalo Farms Leeward Farmers Market

"Businesses of the Week"

Hui in the Pot, Happy Heifer Hawaiian Greek Yogurt


Photo by Barry Villamil | barry@mypearlcity.com

(From left to right) Charlie Neconie, Lori Taylor Rodriguez, and Doni Chong represent this week's

Nalo Farms Leeward Farmers Market "Businesses of the Week."

Hui in the Pot, owner Lori Taylor Rodriguez,  PCHS ‘78

“I’m selling a combination of mixed plates. Back in the day, Hui in the Pot was farmers that would contribute different menu items, for example, maybe a family would bring bananas, another family would bring potatoes, another carrots and they all would hui it together in a pot.  That’s what I want to do is hui it in the pot with Hawaii Farm and Food Charm, bringing that a little bit into today. Actually this started with my son Micah's venue. He was an employee of Alan Wong and he became the chef teacher tourant for Ola Restaurant. Right now he’s in Kauai at Common Ground Organic Farm so I’m kind of taking over the baton and overeseeing the business. His signature dishes are fresh fish. He does a ginger lemon grass macadamia nut crust fresh fish. He also does our number one seller which is fresh crab cakes. We also do pulled pork and macadamia nut crusted chicken which is doing really well.

I would like to say thank you to Dean Okimoto and Dillan Hanawahine for the opportunity to be here and of course, I’m from the Leeward side, so it’s coming back home again to see many familiar faces."

To contact Hui in the Pot please call:  (808) 351-6975


Photo by Barry Villamil | barry@mypearlcity.com


Photo by Barry Villamil | barry@mypearlcity.com

Lori and her Hui in the Pot ohana pictured setting up early at the Leeward Farmers Market grand

opening day on Sunday, August 11, 2013 in Parking Lot C at Leeward Community College in Pearl City.


Happy Heifer Hawaiian Greek Yogurt, owner Doni Chong PCHS ‘84

"I’m a native Hawaiian female farmer and I cultivate the yogurt in fresh Big Island cow milk. We’re known for our poi yogurt. I get the pa’i’ai from Hakipu’u on the Windward side and I mix that into my yogurt and it’s a poi yogurt bowl.  We have several flavors.  We also have a lactose intolerant yogurt for people who want to enjoy yogurt but can’t because its dairy. We’re here at the Leeward Farmers Market at Leeward Community College and thanks to Dean Okimoto and Nalo Farms for having us.  We’ve been loving it so come on down and see us.  It’s has also been a family affair. My sister is actually next door to me in a booth. Who would have thought. She’s with Hui in the Pot and I’m right next door to her in the Greek Yogurt booth so we’re enjoying it and it’s kind of like a sister thing. We’re just so thankful for everybody who’s really believed in wanting to keep this sustainability movement here in Hawaii. If you Yelp us or Like us on Facebook, guys, you get a free yogurt!"

Happy Heifer Hawaiian Greek Yogurt, partner Charlie Neconie

"Hi, I’m Charlie, I'm with Miss Doni over there. Basically, it’s been a great opportunity for us to have the people from Hawaii have fresh yogurt for the first time. What it is, is basically it’s the Big Island milk that we use our culture in and then from that we use fresh items whether it be lemon, lime, or verbano. Like today we featured the lactose intolerant yogurt for someone who really isn’t ready for dairy products. We do it with a coconut milk and it was also done with Stevia instead of raw sugar. The response has been amazing because for that particular line today was a vanilla coconut. So it brought in the flavors of Hawaii and most people didn’t even recognize that it was Stevia that we used as the sweetener. The response has been really, really positive. For those who are lactose intolerant, it’s like finally there is something out there for us that we can start eating yogurt that they have never had before.

We would like to thank Dean Okimoto for just the opportunity to be here and also Dillan who’s been a very instrumental part of just helping  all the vendors here and just getting acclimated, getting comfortable, and making sure if there’s anything we need. Whether it be just a shout out, they have  been a positive reinforcement for us here, as well as the other vendors . You know it’s nice to really see other products from Hawaii and it’s just been a great opportunity."

To learn more about the Happy Heifer Hawaiian Greek Yogurt Company log onto:



Photo by Barry Villamil | barry@mypearlcity.com

Doni served free double scoop yogurt samples to Pearl City High School alumni on Sunday, August 26.

Photo by Barry Villamil | barry@mypearlcity.com

Doni is pictured serving up her delicious Hawaiian Greek Yogurt while partner Charlie looks on.


Next week Sunday, September 8,  Team Nalo welcomes the very popular and award winning local caterer Tanioka's to the Nalo Farms Leeward Farmers Market.

The Nalo Farms Leeward Farmers Market is open on Sunday's from 9:00am to 12:30pm at Leeward Community College's Parking Lot C.