TLC Doggie Treats, Nalo Farms Leeward Farmers Market “New Vendor Spotlight”

Sep 4, 2013 | PC Community


This week, is proud to feature TLC Doggie Treats as a new vendor at the Nalo Farms Leeward Farmers Market on the campus of Leeward Community College in Pearl City..

Nalo Farms Leeward Farmers Market

"New Vendor Spotlight"

TLC Doggie Treats

Photo by Barry Villamil | [email protected]

Neal and Lisa, co-owners of TLC Doggie Treats celebrated their first day of operation as a vendor at the Nalo Farms, Leeward Farmers Market on Sunday, September 1. The husband and wife team represents a truly unique doggie treats product line that is so fresh, and so natural, that even the human palate would enjoy. As a couple of true dog lovers, with exceptional baking and marketing skills, Lisa and Neal first performed taste testing research on their three dogs, Cyrus, Cinnamon, and Chubs in their home based research laboratory that proved to be an overwhelming success after the first round of treats.

Next up was taste test samplings with pets from friends and co-workers that turned out to have the same successful result along with encouragement to start their own doggie treats retail business.

 “This is my part time business where I make all natural hand-made dog treats using all human grade ingredients, said Lisa. “This business started because I have three dogs of my own and I started baking treats for them. On the recommendation of my friends and co-workers, they asked me to go ahead and start a part-time business, which I did.  Our business started back in 2008 and we decided to go semi full-time in July of 2012.”

Lisa and Neal split their duties and responsibilities as the owners of TLC Doggie Treats between paperwork, product development, product prep time, baking, and retails sales at different venues and events on Oahu.

“My husband Neal is also here with me today and actually he’s the baker,” said Lisa. “I’m the one that does all the paperwork and I mix the ingredients. As far as rolling out the treats or the cookie dough, that’s his job.”

“It’s good that we have someplace to come and sell our treats,” said Neal.  “It’s also good to have Lisa help me bag the treats, and do some jerkies.”

So far, the chicken and turkey jerky products have been their best sellers. Because of recalled doggie treats being imported from China, TLC Doggie Treats gives customers a fresh option in providing a great source of protein for their dogs.

“We started making the chicken jerky first, and then we did the turkey as a different variety source of protein for the dogs only because there have been a lot of recall on doggie treats and jerky imported from China.” Lisa said. “On the request of my customers, they asked if I could do jerky, so we experimented and it worked. So I can tell you our chicken and our turkey jerky are our best sellers.”

Lisa also has doggie treat dessert items that can be made into special order doggie birthday cakes.

“The bomb is my peanut butter & carrot muffins. I can also make a doggie birthday cake with that with low fat cream cheese frosting. Customers can also place an order for it as well. You can check out our Facebook page at There are pictures of the various treats and the peanut butter & carrot muffins.”

Neal and Lisa keep themselves pretty busy operating their business at different farmers markets and events throughout the month.

“We are also doing the Waikiki specialty farmers market on Saturday’s at Jefferson Elementary,” Lisa said. "Also, craft fair season is coming up so we will be doing the Windward Hoolaulea at Windward Community College on September 28.  We do have a web site which is called, and if you go there we have a calendar of events on where we’ll be.”

When asked about being at the Nalo Farms, Leeward Farmers Market on the campus of Leeward Community College, Lisa replied, “This is a spectacular farmers market. There are a lot of people here with a bunch of great vendors and hopefully it will grow in time.”

TLC Doggie Treats operates at the Leeward Farmers Market every other Sunday starting on Sunday, September 1.

Welcome aboard Neal and Lisa!


Photo by Barry Villamil | [email protected]

Neal and Lisa are pictured with Team Nalo manager Dillan Hanawahine on Sunday, September 1.

Photo by Barry Villamil | [email protected]

Chicken and Turkey Jerky are a hot seller at the TLC Doggie Treats booth.


Photo by Barry Villamil | [email protected]

Congratulations to Neal and Lisa from TLC Doggie Treats for being recognized in the Nalo Farms

Leeward Farmers Market "New Vendor Spotlight".