Pearl City Ballroom Dance Club opens registration for Mambo, Foxtrot classes

Sep 6, 2013 | PC Community


Submitted by Shirley Ota, President, Hawaii Ballroom Dance Association:

Learn to dance the Mambo and Foxtrot at the Hawaii Ballroom Dance Association's Pearl City Chapter, at Manana Elementary School.  Come register on Tuesday, Oct 8, Oct 15, or Oct 22, 2013. Classes will be taught each Tuesday evening, Oct 8 thru Dec 3, 2013 from 7 to 8:30pm.  Nominal fees.

For details, call Theresa at 224-5927 or Shirley at 456-2129.

Manana Elementary School is located at 1147 Kumano Street in Pearl City.

Join the Pearl City Chapter Community Volunteer Program

Community volunteers representing the Pearl City Chapter of the Hawaii Ballroom Association also participate in numerous community oriented service projects throughout the year that directly benefits our Pearl City residents from education through our growing senior citizen population.

For more information contact Shirley Ota at 456-2129.

Photo by Barry Villamil |

Photo by Barry Villamil |

Shirley Ota, President of the Hawaii Ballroom Dance Association. and her husband Herb Ota, Secretary

and Webmaster of the Pearl City Chapter, are pictured in the Manana Elementary School cafeteria

during dance classes earlier in the year.