Nalo Farms Leeward Farmers Market “Businesses of the Week” Waimanalo Country Farms, Guava Smoked

Sep 12, 2013 | PC Community


This week, we are proud to feature two Nalo Farms Leeward Farmers Market businesses, Waimanalo Country Farms and Guava Smoked. Waimanalo Country Farms serves up a delicious blend of lemonades as well as fresh cooked corn. Guava Smoked offers a great selection of smoked meats uniquely flavored using Guava wood. Both businesses have become a must stop for Sunday shoppers at the Leeward Farmers Market. 


Nalo Farms Leeward Farmers Market

"Businesses of the Week"

Waimanalo Country Farms

Guava Smoked


Waimanalo Country Farms – "Farmer's Daughters", Cheyenne and

Sierra Kadooka

 "We are part of Waimanalo Country Farms and we're the farmer’s daughters," said Cheyenne Kadooka. "Here at the Leeward Farmers Market we have lemons and fresh corn. We pretty much try to do everything fresh. There's really nothing that we don't have here that's fresh. It's either fresh corn the day of, or lemonade. We might just squeeze the lemons the night before."

"We have a bunch of lemon trees and then we also have Dakota Super Sweet Corn," said Sierra Kadooka. "We're the only ones on the island that grow that variety. We sell the fresh corn for $6.00 a bag and it ranges from six ears to maybe fourteen depending on the length of the corn. We also sell it cooked and boiled. It's not really a cob, it's more like cobbett, so it's smaller and easier to eat. We put either regular butter or we tried this thing called the"Lemon Butter Wipeout" and so it's been a good seller. The lemonade we sell in a masons jar or in a cup. The cup is $3.00 and the masons jar is $5.00. If you want to add Li Hing Mui it's 50 cents for the cup we add a $1.00 more for the jar."

"My Mom them are picking corn right now," Cheyenne said, "We're taking over the crew for this market. We also work on the farm."

"We have a Pumpkin Patch in October," Sierra said. "Adding to the corn and lemons, during October we have pumpkins. We have pumpkins, watermelons, a sunflower maze, tractor rides, hay rides, cow train and a bunch of different activities in October. It's a great Pumpkin Patch!"

"The Pumpkin Patch is open every weekend in October," Cheyenne said. "Every weekday we have schools that come up on field trips. We're open from 9am-5pm. Waimanalo Country Farms is located at 41-225 Lupe Street in Waimanalo.

"We would like to thank our parents and we would also like to thank Nalo Farms for inviting us and for God for providing everything for us," commented Cheyenne and Sierra with an appreciation for the opportunities given to them.

Log on to the Waimanalo Farms website at:

Photo by Barry Villamil | [email protected]

Kadooka sisters Cheyenne (second from left) and Sierra are pictured with Chase and Spencer Lum.

Photo by Barry Villamil | [email protected]

Cheyenne and Sierra pictured serving a customer a cold jar of lemonade at the Leeward Farmers Market.

Photo by Barry Villamil | [email protected]

Leeward Farmers Market customers get their first taste of the delicious Corn and Lemonade from the Waimanalo Country Farmers booth on the farmers market's opening day Sunday, August 11, 2013.


Photo by Barry Villamil | [email protected]

Waimanalo Country Farms, Corn & Lemonade Crew pictured at the Leeward Farmers Market.


Guava Smoked, owner Scott Shibuya

"Basically what we do is we do smoked meat with Strawberry Guava wood," said Guava Smoked owner Scott Shibuya. "I've been in business for about two years now. I'm doing pretty good. The first year was survival and with the farmers market it’s just getting the product out there. Now we're starting to move and kind of looking for our own place, maybe in town somewhere. Otherwise, recently at Made in Hawaii we had a good showing over there and sold out on everything. We're just continuing to build momentum right now.

Smoked Meat Recipes

The recipes for our meats are from Kauai. It's from my brother in law and his father. They always use guava wood to smoke their meats. I always thought it was a really good flavor. I was teaching for ten years and I thought it was time to move on I just wanted to have my own business. I asked my brother in law and he said go for it. I really enjoy it. It's my own thing .I also designed my logo. I was actually a graphics teacher at Kaimuki High School's graphics program.

Top Smoked Meat Sellers

Spicy Pork is our biggest seller. Spicy Pork is real subtle. We won a smoke meat contest with that last year and this we won with our chicken and smoked pork burgers.

Customers Favorite Personal Smoked Meat Recipes

We've had a few customers come back and say how they chop it up and frying it with vegetables, green beans, onions. I had one customer say that she steamed it. I said, really? You kind of want to caramelize the sugars that's why. But, she's likes it that way.

Doing Business at other Farmers Market Locations

We're also at the KCC Farmers Market on Tuesday afternoons, the Blaisdell Farmers Market on Wednesday afternoons, Kailua Farmers Market on Thursday afternoons and here at the Leeward Farmers Market on the second and fourth Sunday’s and at Mililani on the first and third Sunday's.

Words of Thanks

I would like thank my father who is a retired chef. This is not really my field. I'm used to working with my hands as a mechanic and a teacher. He's a chef so I get to fall back on him a lot and ask him the important questions and stuff like that.

Also thanks to Nalo Farms and the Leeward Farmers Market. We basically come out to this side of the island to get our product exposure. It you want to stop by we always have samples. Check us out, Guava Smoked.

Log on to the Guava Smoked web site at:


Photo by Barry Villamil | [email protected]

Guava Smoked owner Scott Shibuya pictured cooking up ono smoked meat pupu samplings at the Nalo Farms Leeward Farmers Market on Sunday, September 8, 2013 at Leeward Community College.

Photo by Barry Villamil | [email protected]

Guava Smoked product samples.

Photo by Barry Villamil | [email protected]

Guava Smoked Products.

Photo by Barry Villamil | [email protected]

Guava Smoked products available at the Nalo Farms Leeward Farmers Market.


Photo by Barry Villamil | [email protected]



Koele's Ono Mochi

Hanalei Farms

This week Sunday, September 15,  Team Nalo welcomes to the Nalo Farms Leeward Farmers Market Koele's Ono Mochi and welcomes back Hanalei Farms
The Nalo Farms Leeward Farmers Market is open on Sunday's from 9:00am to 12:30pm at Leeward Community College's Parking Lot C.




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