Momilani Community Center Dog Park Meeting, Monday, March 31

Mar 19, 2014 | PC Community


The Pearl City Foundation is currently in the development stages of creating a dog park at the Momilani Community Center and is inviting neighborhood dog owners to attend a meeting on Monday, March 31 to see and hear what is planned and to volunteer to serve on the Dog Park Advisory Committee which will oversee the dog park.

The PCF has stepped up and is leading the way to build and maintain Pearl City's only the dog park that will truly benefit resident dog lovers and their pets. 

"The Pearl City Foundation is funding the dog park development and ongoing operations," said Pearl City Foundation Executive Director Breene Harimoto. " Since the City has no space and resources to build a dog park in this area, the Pearl City Foundation stepped forward to meet this need."

Dog Park Meeting
Momilani Community Center
715 Hoomoana Street
Monday, March 31, 6PM