OLGC School, Martin Luther King Jr. Poetry Contest Winners

Apr 15, 2014 | PC INK


MyPearlCity.com is once again honored to recognize the outstanding accomplishments of the students of Our Lady of Good Counsel who represent the highest standards of academic excellence and are truly PC I.N.K. – Incredible Neighborhood Kids.

Our Lady of Good Counsel School students from grade 3 through grade 8 recently participated in the statewide Martin Luther King Jr. Poetry Contest.  The focus of the contest was to create a poem that spoke about or created a sense of peace. The awards were presented at the Mission Memorial Auditorium located at the Honolulu Civic Center in downtown Honolulu.

The following students placed first in OLGC School:

Alyssa Kahiapo (7)

Christine Nguyen (5)

Makayla Morinaga (6)

Alexia Mae Eleccion (3)

Kiera Cachola (4)

and Rhiana Cachola (8)

Golden Circle Award Group Winners

Makayla Morinaga (6) and Alexia Mae Eleccion (4) were also named first in their grade level for the island of Oahu. Makayla and Alexia Mae earned honors in the Golden Circle Award Group. 

"We are proud of all of our students and how they represented our school at the Mission House Auditorium as they recited their poems in front of the crowd." …..OLGC School Principal, Cindy Olaso.

from Our Lady of Good Counsel School!

Photo courtesy of OLGC

(Pictured): Alyssa Kahiapo (7), Christine Nguyen (5), Makayla Morinaga (6), Alexia Mae Eleccion (4), Kiera

Cachola (4), and Rhiana Cachola (8), Mrs. Sylvia Tsuda (Gr. 6 teacher), Miss Esther Amano (Gr. 8 teacher),

Mr. Warren Cabading (Gr. 5 teacher), and Mrs. Esther Amano (Gr. 4 classroom aide).



Let there be peace on earth
And let it begin for you from me
Peace is not a long lost dream
But the path towards peace
Will not be so easy
Peace cannot be gained by the tip of a gun
Or a mushroom cloud in the sky
Peace cannot be achieved by politicians or nations
Those people sometimes lie
The road to peace must start with ordinary people
People of every size, shape and color
Can you imagine a world where we all came together?
Where we could call everyone our brother
To hit our goal let's start with the golden rule
Being good to others is always the best tool
Accept each others weaknesses while combining our strengths
Sometimes a loving heart and an open mind will go great lengths
So let there be peace on earth
Now let it continue with us
Because a world filled with hate and war is too much of a fuss
Makayla Morinaga
Grade 6, Mrs. Tsuda
Our Lady of Good Counsel School



The Great Man

There is this guy whose name rings a bell
He made a difference which everyone can tell
Equality he sought, for world peace he fought

He's an African-American and a humanitarian,
Through nonviolent means, he fought for freedom
Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. is the man we salute,
Every year on January, we pay him tribute.

Alexia Mae Eleccion
Grade 3, Mrs. Shirley Reynon
Our Lady of Good Counsel School