Fireworks Safety Tips from Hawaiian Electric

Jul 3, 2014 | PC Community


Submitted by Hawaiian Electric:

The Fourth of July and fireworks often go hand in hand, which is why Hawaiian Electric reminds everyone to celebrate safely.

If you plan to use fireworks, take time to set them up in a safe location away from flammable items. Make sure the area is clear of overhead power lines and don’t hang fireworks on utility poles.

Because overhead power lines are energized and are not insulated, you need stay away from them. Keep yourself and your ladder, pole, and tie lines at least 10 feet from power lines.

If an object should become entangled in an overhead power line, don’t try to free it. To have the object safely removed, call Hawaiian Electric’s 24-hour trouble line at 1-855-304-1212. In an emergency situation, call 911.