PCCA lends a hand at Pearl City Elementary storage construction project


Pearl City Elementary School will open the upcoming  school year with a brand new storage structure that will house the schools golf cart and other equipment. Community volunteers from the Pearl City Community Association (PCCA) worked alongside school maintenance staff on Thursday to put the finishing touches on the added school storage space.

PCCA President Jits Fujimura coordinated the community groups construction efforts on the final phase that included installing the storage room exterior walls. Fujimura incorporated the carpentry skills of PCCA member Leroy Ching who masterfully guided the work detail during the completion of the project.

Dr. Susan Hirokane, Principal, Pearl City Elementary School

"I would like thank the PCCA who helped with the labor. Thank you to Leroy Ching and Jits Fujimura for volunteering their time for our school."

Jits Fujimura, President, Pearl City Community Association

"Leroy and I are here serving the community and especially here in support of Principal Hirokane and the school. Today is the second day of this phase of the project."

Kevin, Daniel, and Wade from the Pearl City Elementary School maintenance staff also worked hard to complete the storage room project.

Earlier in the school year, volunteers framed and set forms as well poured the concrete pads for the storage room foundation.

Photo by Barry Villamil || [email protected]

(Pictured from L-R) Leroy, Dr. Hirokane, Kevin, David, and Jits.

Photo by Barry Villamil || [email protected]

PCCA volunteer Leroy Ching makes the final cut to a section of the storage room wall.

Photo by Barry Villamil || [email protected]

Kevin (L) and Daniel (R) carry over a section of the storage room

wall that will take its place towards the back end of the structure.

Photo by Barry Villamil || [email protected]

Leroy, Kevin, and Daniel line up the latest wall section into place.

Photo by Barry Villamil || [email protected]

Kevin temporarily secures the wall section in place.

Photo by Barry Villamil || [email protected]

Daniel fits in the final section that was perfectly cut to fit by Leroy.

Photo by Barry Villamil || [email protected]

Golf cart storage garage.

Photo by Barry Villamil || [email protected]

Mahalo to Jits and Leroy for volunteering their time while representing the Pearl

City Community Association in support of our Pearl City District Complex Schools.