New Momilani Elementary playground blessed by Kupuna Pang


Momilani Elementary School's sparkling, brand new playground exercise station was blessed on Monday, November 17, 2014 in a ceremony performed by Kupuna Minerva Pang with the school's administration, staff, and students joining in on the blessing.

The new playground and equipment was made possible by the Department of Education.

The addition of a first class playground enhances the efforts and success of the school's Health & Wellness Program well into the future.

Congratulations to Principal Mrs. Doreen Higa for her guidance and endless motivation in striving to improve the Momilani Elementary School experience for her students and ohana.

Mahalo to Mr. Daniel Nieva for providing with the wonderful blessing ceremony photos!

Photo provided by Momilani Elementary School

Momilani Elementary School Hawaiian Studies teacher Kupuna Minerva Pang

blesses a section of the new playground equipment on Monday, November 17, 2014.

Photo provided by Momilani Elementary School

Momilani Elementary School Principal Mrs. Doreen Higa (second from left) is pictured

with (from L-R),Momilani Elementary Counselor Mr. Lance Nishihara, Kupuna Minerva Pang,

2015 Leeward District Teacher of the Year and Momilani 3rd grade teacher Mr. Masaru Uchino,

and Momilani Elementary School Vice Principal Mr. Garrett Arakawa.

Photo provided by Momilani Elementary School

Mahalo Kupuna Pang!