It’s Official! David Ige takes the Governor’s Oath of Office!

Dec 2, 2014 | PC Community


As I write this feature story, it still feels a bit surreal hours after witnessing our own David Ige being sworn in as our next Governor of the state of Hawaii. Yesterday at high noon, Governor David Ige and Lt. Governor Shan Tsutsui were sworn into office by Chief Justice Mark Recktenwald at the State Capitol Rotunda courtyard.

Going back about forty years, I can still see David in the hallways at Pearl City High School or at the Lehua Avenue Park basketball courts playing pickup basketball games after school. That was a longtime ago and since then, he has climbed the ladder to the state's top job through ambition, handwork, and dedication for the people he has served the past 29 years as a legislator in both the State House and Senate.

I am a direct recipient, along with our Pearl City community and their ohana, of his leadership and common sense philosophy and approach to issues that affect our community and its growth, health, and prosperity.

The first person that Governor Ige thanked after taking the Governor's Oath of Office was his wife Dawn who he acknowledge for her support and for always being by his side.

"Dawn has been my biggest supporter," said Ige. “She has been a trusted advisor for the most difficult decisions. She has encouraged me to continue through the toughest times and has picked me up after every single disaster. She has sacrificed so many personal opportunities to support me and our family. I know that I would not be standing here today without her love, help, and support. Thank you very much Dawn."

Governor Ige's speech was touched upon in a profound way after recognizing the sacrifices made by his parents and grandparents for his future.

"I stand here today in the shadow of my parents and my grandparent’s accomplishments because of their willingness to sacrifice and look to my future."

He also inspired those in attendance, as well as the television viewing audience during his speech with words of encouragement that we can make a difference in building a better Hawaii upon our hopes and dreams for the future.

"In all of us, no matter where we came from, walk today with one foot stepping out of the past and the other about to step into a future," Ige said. “A future of endless possibilities. All of us as children of immigrants share the same broad experience, no matter the particulars. Consequently, we all have a deep and abiding obligation to both our parents and to our children. Contrary to what some believe, we do not stand at a turning point just because we have a new governor or a new administration. We stand at this point in history with an opportunity to transform it into a turning point. We have an opportunity to chart a new tomorrow. We have an opportunity to fulfill long standing hopes and dreams. We have an opportunity to make Hawaii a place we are proud to call home."

It was definitely a proud moment having the opportunity to listen to David during his Inauguration speech on Monday. He delivered a trustworthy breeze of hope with regard to our future and his leadership goals that will include all of us working together, along with those who represent us in the different levels of elected office to make a Hawaii a great place to live and thrive.

Mahalo David!

Photo by Barry Villamil |

Master of Ceremonies Keith Hiraoka.

Photo by Barry Villamil |

Posting of Colors by the 100th Battalion | 442nd Regimental Combat Team.

Governor Ige's father fought with 442nd Regimental Combat Team during World War II.

Photo by Barry Villamil |

The Pledge of Allegiance was led by Girl Scout, Madison Frisbie

and Boy Scouts, Zachary and Ethan Carter.

Photo by Barry Villamil |

Our National Anthem was performed by Raiatea Helm.

Photo by Barry Villamil |

Pomaika'i Lyman sang Hawaii Pono'i with the Kahalu'u Elementary School Ukulele Choir.

Photo by Barry Villamil |

The Royal Hawaiian Band performed on Monday at the Inaugural Ceremony.

Photo by Barry Villamil |

Queen's Prayer / Invocation by Danny Akaka Jr.

Photo by Barry Villamil |

Lt. Governor Tsutsui is pictured during a very proud moment with his ohana before

taking the Lt. Governors's Oath of Office perforrmed by Chief Justice Mark Recktenwald.

Photo by Barry Villamil |

Lt. Governor Tsutsui delivers his remarks after taking the Lt. Governors's Oath of Office.

Photo by Barry Villamil |

Governor Ige delivers his Inaugural speech as Lt. Governor Tsutsui looks on.

Photo by Barry Villamil |

Pearl City High School faculty members Mrs. Kay Bicoy (left) and Mrs. Mike Ishihara (right)

were in attendance on Monday to congratulate their former student and new Governor

of the state of Hawaii. Bicoy and Ishihara escorted the Pearl City High School Arts Dance

Class who performed during the prelude to the Inaugural Ceremony. Bicoy and Ishihara

have both taught at Pearl City High School for over 40+ years and serve as the bridge to

PCHS alumni such as Governor Ige and to the current student body as they too will move

on upon graduation and into the future as proud and successful Pearl City High School alumnus.

Photo by Barry Villamil |

Former Hawaii Governor Neil Abercrombie is pictured congratulating his former

Lt. Governor and 2014 gubernatorial primary election running mate Shan Tsutsui.