“Fans From Fans” Pearl City High School Fan Drive Saturday, September 12 & 19 at the Pearl City Shopping Center

Eric Ching and Jaci Agustin will lead the "Fans From Fans" Pearl City High School Fan Drive to help raise money to purchase fans to cool Pearl City High School classrooms. The Pearl City Shopping Center will host the fan fundraiser on Saturday, September 12 and 19 from 10am – 3pm.

"I see the lack of air conditioning as a Health and Safety issue in our schools and when meeting with Principal Joseph Halfmann on the matter and he made the statement that fans would help until air conditioning could be budgeted and installed, that was my call to action," said Jaci Agustin.

"As an alumni of PCHS, I could not stand by and see students endure such sweltering heat and not help," said Eric Ching.

Please see the poster below for more information on how you can purchase a fan and support Pearl City High School.

Mahalo to Eric and Jaci for their efforts, support, and commitment to our PCHS students!