Aloha to former PCCA Board Officer Mary Takeshita

Nov 6, 2015 | PC Community

I would like to thank community volunteer leader Mary Takeshita for her years of service as a Pearl City Community Association Board Member. Mary recently resigned from the PCCA board to focus on her many volunteer commitments in our community such as the Waiau Seniors Club and the Master Gardener Program at the University of Hawaii Urban Garden Center.

Mary is very special to all of us at the Pearl City Community Association as well as in our community, We are happy to announce that Mary will keep her PCCA membership and continue to help out, along with other dedicated former PCCA board members, with community projects, fundraisers,  and events.

In 2011, Mary received the Mayor’s Senior Volunteer Recognition Award which recognizes nominees who have devoted their time to enhance and better the lives of residents in the communities they serve.

We love you Mary! Thank you! File Photo | [email protected]

U.H. Master Gardener Mary Takeshita is pictured at the U.H. Urban Garden Center in Pearl City. File Photo | [email protected]

Mary (center) is pictured with fellow Waiau Senior Club members in September 2014

while volunteering at the PCCA Chicken Sale Fundraiser held at Pacheco Park in Pearl City. File Photo | [email protected]

Mary recently represented both the PCCA and Mana Loa-Nimitz Lions Club as a volunteer

at the 2015 Annual Pearl City Foundation Halloween Bash held on Halloween night at

the Momilani Community Center. Former PCCA Presiident Warren Hiromoto is pictured far left. File Photo | [email protected]

Mary is pictured with eight of the eleven 2014-2015 PCCA Officers and Board of Directors.