Submitted by Hawaiian Electric:

Students participating in the 2015 – 2016 Home Energy Challenge have learned that everybody, even children, can help create a clean energy future by using electricity wisely.

Sponsored by the State of Hawai‘i Department of Education and Hawaiian Electric Company, the Home Energy Challenge is an educational program that encourages elementary school students to put into practice at home what they’ve learned in class about energy conservation. The three schools whose families conserve the largest percentages of electricity win $10,000, $6,000, and $3,000.

The New Year’s Resolutions drawing contest, a component of the program, is one of the ways students can express their lessons. The resolutions selected as winners are not only cleverly drawn, but they reflect a personal commitment to develop new habits.

“We had such a variety of good ideas for resolutions, which were so well depicted, that we selected six winners—but really, all of the entries are winners,” said Sam Nichols, Senior Community Affairs Consultant with Hawaiian Electric. “These six students and their classmates will enjoy a zany educational presentation performed by Magic Science of Hawai‘i.”

Two second grade students’ resolutions were among the six winners. Ayu, from Kamiloiki Elementary, explained, “I cood (sic) plant more trees instead of ari conditioing (sic) and fans.” The idea, as drawn on the poster, is to provide cooling shade for homes.

Second-grader Patton, from Mililani Mauka Elementary, said “I promise to conserve electricity at home by taking my shoes of (sic) before coming into the house, so the carpet will not get dirty and mom doesn’t have to vacuum the carpet so often.” His drawing shows his mother vacuuming the rug.

Among the winning posters were those by three students in the fourth grade. Ami, from Mililani Mauka, said she would conserve electricity by “cleaning our refrigerator coil with a brush every six months so my family can save electricity for a good 2016.” Ami drew herself in her kitchen, cleaning the brush after use.

Josephine, from Ma‘ema‘e Elementary, promised “hanging my clothes on a line to conserve our electricity.” Her drawing not only shows the energy-conserving way to dry clothes (depicted with a check mark), but it shows that on the other side of the fence, her neighbor is playing ball. Playing outdoors, rather than watching TV or playing video games, also conserves electricity.

Third-grader Kylie, from Palisades Elementary, promised to conserve electricity at home by “turning off the lights when no one is using them.” A lightbulb is depicted with its bright idea: “Stop – Did you turn me off?”

And Sydney, a sixth-grader from Enchanted Lake Elementary, vowed to conserve electricity at home by “keeping the fridge open for only 7 seconds at a time.” This self-imposed time limit was cleverly drawn, showing an open, well-stocked refrigerator and, 7 seconds later, the closed door of the refrigerator. The door has family notes posted on it, including energy-saving tips.

Eight elementary schools qualified to participate in the Home Energy Challenge’s ninth year of competition:

Enchanted Lake






Mililani Mauka



Winning New Year’s Resolutions for 2016