Pearl City Community Association honored by Honolulu City Council

May 4, 2016 | PC Community

I am so proud of our Pearl City Community Association after receiving an Honorary Certificate from the full Honolulu City Council this morning at Honolulu Hale.

District 8 Honolulu City Councilman Brandon Elefante presented PCCA Board Members Jaci Agustin, past President Jits Fujimura and me, Barry Villamil (current PCCA President) with an Honorary Certificate that recognized and honored the Pearl City Community Association for its sustained service to the Pearl City community.

It's an awesome feeling to be recognized for the hard work that my fellow board members put in each year in their roles as community volunteers, along with the support from our 500+ PCCA membership, and our community partners, who come together to truly make a difference in bettering the lives of our Pearl City residents and their Ohana.

Mahalo to Councilman Elefante, Legislative aide members Tricia Sakamoto and Dion Mesta for all their support. Also, mahalo to Honolulu City Council Chairman Ernie Martin and our City Council members who gave us a warm welcome and congratulations for our success in serving our Pearl City community.

2016-2017 PCCA Officers and Board Members:

President – Barry Villamil
1st VP – Lana Murakami
2nd VP – Alyssa Tenorio
3rd VP – Jits Fujimura
Treasurer – Wendy Ledesma
Secretary – Aaron Tominaga

Board of Directors
Liz Ishimitsu
Molina Gomez
Melissa Bojorquez
Michael Nakasato
Jaci Agustin

Photo by Mary Villamil

Pearl City Community Association past President Jits Fujimura

(center, holding honorary certificate) is pictured with (front row, L-R)

Councilman Brandon Elefante, Barry Villamil (2016-2017 PCCA

President), and PCCA Board Member Jaci Agustin. Honolulu City

Council members are pictured in back row.

Photo by Mary Villamil

Councilman Brandon Elefante reads the Pearl City Community Association

bio and accomplishments contained in the Honolulu City Council Honorary

Certificate to PCCA Board Members Jaci Agustin, Jits Fujimura, Barry Villamil,

along with city council members.  Councilmember Carol Fukunaga is pictured at

left, while Honolulu City Council Chairman Ernie Martin is pictured at the podium.

Photo by Mary Villamil

Photo by Mary Villamil

Photo by Tricia Sakamoto,  Legislative aide to Councilman Elefante

Mary Villamil (second from right) helped out on Wednesday as PCCA photographer.  Mahalo!