Lehua Avenue Solutions Meeting brings together the city and community

May 28, 2016 | PC Community

The Hawaii Bicycling League held a Lehua Avenue Solutions Meeting on Tuesday, May 24 in Pearl City to bring together the city, Lehua Avenue community, and businesses to begin discussions on how to improve the traffic safety conditions in the area and neighborhood.

Objective: Formulate ideas and have constructive conversation about engineering, education, and enforcement actions to make Lehua Avenue safer for users of all ages and travel modes.

“We’re here today for a solutions meeting here at Lehua Avenue,” said Daniel Alexander, Advocate, Planning and Communication, Hawaii Bicycling League. “There was a tragedy here in December, 2014. An 86 year old woman was killed while crossing Lehua Avenue. It is not just an isolated incident, there’s a history of issues. In January of this year 2016, two woman that work here at the nursing home in daylight hours were crossing the street, same exact intersection, and were struck by a car, two at once. Like I said, there’s a history of issues and if you start talking to the neighbors, the street just doesn't feel safe. They see issues, they see close calls, and they see actually injuries.

So we're here today to try and talk about some solutions. Gather folks from the city, decision makers, the Department of Transportation, City Council, HPD, HFD, and of course our residents and all the stakeholders that live here, the nursing home right up the street, to talk about possible solutions. How the road could be changed, also education."

Residents were given the opportunity to express their concerns as well as share their eye witness accounts of accidents involving vehicles and pedestrians which included the December 2014 fatal accident that killed the 86 year old woman as she was crossing Lehua Avenue. Residents and area businesses also presented their ideas on how to improve the roadway to help make it safer for everyone from the students who attend Lehua Elementary, to businesses like the  Pearl City Nursing Home who have staff members that park and cross Lehua Avenue to and from work each day.

Honolulu City & County Department of Transportation officials did a great job in listening to the residents concerns and offering potential solutions to suggested road safety improvements. The city also presented an update on planned road paving and striping that will improve traffic safety on Lehua Avenue which will begin in early June of this year. They will also be looking into adding additional 25 MPH signs along Lehua Avenue in both directions to help bring awareness for motorists to slow down.

HPD Officer Albert Somera from the Pearl City Police Station was also in attendance to listen to the concerns of Tuesday's solutions meeting attendees. One of the traffic safety concerns brought up by area residents was mainly with regard to the growing speeding problem. The residents suggested the placement of Radar Speed Trailers in both directions on Lehua Avenue to check your speed and to also have the presence of  HPD patrol vehicles parked in the area as well. Officer Somera was very helpful and assured the residents that he will put their suggestions into action.

Also attending Tuesday's solutions meeting was Honolulu City Councilman Brandon Elefante and his administrative staff, Pearl City Honolulu Fire Department Firefighters, and civilian government employees who work in Pearl City.

The Hawaii Bicycling League is planning a follow-up Lehua Avenue Solutions Meeting within the next couple of months. MyPearlCity.com will keep you updated on the date, time and location.

To learn more about the Hawaii Bicycling League and their calendar of events and service to the community, log onto: www.hbl.org.

Photo by Barry Villamil |[email protected]

Lehua Avenue Solutions Meeting participants are pictured in a group

photo on Tuesday, May 24, 2016 at Lehua Avenue & 3rd Street in Pearl City.

Photo by Barry Villamil |[email protected]

Daniel Alexander, Advocate, Planning and Communication, Hawaii Bicycling League

opened the Lehua Avenue Solutions Meeting for discussion with all attendees at 8:30am. 

Photo by Barry Villamil |[email protected]

Lehua Avenue residents and businesses voiced their concerns about the current

road conditions which include excessive speeding, lack of 25 MPH signage,  unsafe

crosswalks, traffic back ups and congestion, and accidents involving pedestrians.


Photo by Barry Villamil |[email protected]

HPD Officer Albert Somera from the Pearl City Police Station listened to Lehua Avenue

resident's concerns and addressed immediate solutions to help with traffic safety in the area.

Photo by Barry Villamil |[email protected]

Mahalo to Hawaii Bicycling League Executive Director, Chad Taniguchi, Daniel Alexander,

and the HBL staff for organizing and facilitating the Lehua Avenue Solutions Meeting. We are

all looking forward to reaching out to more residents and businesses to hear their feedback and

to also receive an update from the City Department of  Transportation with regard to Lehua Avenue

road improvements at the next Lehua Avenue Solutions meeting in the very near future.