Valor, 75th Anniversary of the Attack on Pearl Harbor

Dec 10, 2016 | PC Community

This past Wednesday, December 7, I made my way over to the 75th Anniversary of the Attack on Pearl Harbor Commemoration Ceremony held at the Arizona Memorial Visitors Center at Pearl Harbor. I arrived at around 7:30am on a beautiful, sunny, cool December morning. The water in front of me, from the Pearl Harbor shoreline at my feet, towards the USS Arizona Memorial and Ford Island was glistening. It seemed as though the morning was under the spell of the same balmy, Hawaiian weather conditions that were reported as on Sunday, December, 7 1941 moments before the Japanese attacked the naval fleet at Pearl Harbor.  

An amazing feeling of pride and respect came over me as the Star Spangled Banner played while the USS Halsey passed the USS Arizona Memorial watery grave site in respect and honor of those who lost their lives on that fateful day 75 years ago. Pearl Harbor attack survivors were proudly seated amongst family, friends, military and civilian dignitaries, as well as the general public.  Pearl Harbor survivors respectfully saluted the USS Halsey and its crew as they glided by on the Pearl Harbor water where many of their shipmates lost their lives in valor trying to save others while defending their ship, country, and the lives of our Hawaii residents and their ohana. Many in attendance on Wednesday were visitors to Hawaii and the Arizona Memorial Visitors Center from all around the world.

It was hard to imagine that the attack actually took place in such a peaceful place. Photos and video images from the Arizona Memorial Visitors Center brought the horrors of the day into reality for me and others who browsed through the archival presentations that confronted us at every turn.

As a military dependent growing up, I learned early in life to respect those who protect our freedom while paying ultimate sacrifice to keep us safe from harm. My father retired from the United States Marine Corps as a decorated veteran of the Korean and Vietnam Wars. He taught me to honor and respect our American flag and the importance that the stars and stripes symbolize and represents for all of us. I will never forget the day that he first explained to me the importance of the flag and what it meant to him and his men every time they made their way out of a battle and came upon the American flag flying high and proud over their compound base. They were home and safe from the hell they temporarily left behind.

In my opinion, the most recent actions of individuals who feel they have the right to burn the American flag or kneel while the Star Spangled Banner is played, is the ultimate gesture of disrespect to the honor of those who have served or currently serve their country in defense of our freedom. It dishonors the spirit and soul of those who died for us while fighting for their country.

God Bless the Pearl Harbor, December, 1941 attack survivors and to all the American souls who lost their lives while defending our flag and country…..

Photo by Barry Villamil | [email protected]

The USS Halsey is pictured passing the USS Arizona Memorial site in

respect and honor of those who lost their lives during the Pearl Harbor attack.