City to complete tree removal work on Waimano Home Road

Mar 8, 2017 | PC Community

Hi Guys!

I received the following update from the City & County via Councilman Brandon Elefante's office with regard to a safety issue involving a potentially hazardous tree located on Waimano Home Road across from the Pearl City Public Library. It was brought to my attention a few weeks ago and I followed up by emailing a photo taken by Pearl City resident Karlton Lee to Counclman Elefante.

City's response:

A supervisor of the Division of Urban Forestry (DUF), Department of Parks and Recreation, inspected a City fern tree fronting 1133 Waimano Home Road in Pearl City.

He determined that although this tree does not appear to pose an immediate public safety concern, removal is warranted. DUF anticipates that tree removal work will be completed by the end of March 2017.

It is the City’s goal to plant trees where possible. DUF will inspect the proposed site and, if deemed suitable, will plant a tree of an appropriate species.

Should there be any questions, please contact Michele Nekota, Director, Department of Parks & recreation, at 768-3001.


I have a couple photos below of the tree before and after it was reduced to a tall stump. Removal to follow as mentioned in the city's response above.

Mahalo to Councilman Elefante's office and the Division of Urban Forestry (DUF), Department of Parks and Recreation.


Photo by Karlton Lee



Photo by Barry Villamil |