Inaugural Highlands Leadership Conference 2017 A Huge Success!

Submitted by Highlands Intermediate School:

The inaugural Highlands Leadership Conference was a big time success! All the Pearl City elementary schools — Momilani, PCES, Manana, PCHES, Waiau, Palisades, and Lehua — all came down to the Student Council Room for a fun-filled day of learning and lots of memories! 

The main purpose of HLC2017 was to institute a yearly Pearl City Complex student council summit, creating a venue for idea sharing and collaboration that had not previously existed. This event would provide a venue for all of us to 1.) identify and understand the structure of Student Council/Leadership at each Pearl City school 2.) how we could cooperate in activities as a complex.  This vertical alignment would result in mutual understanding and future collaborations between not only our Student Councils/Leadership, but also collaborations between entire schools 3.) get to know the advisors at each of the Pearl City complex schools, and 4.) build and improve relationships throughout the Pearl City Complex Student Councils. This collaboration will help us with our main Student Council goal of providing amazing student activities to make school a safe and fun place to learn across the entire Pearl City Complex!

Our very own Highlands Intermediate Student Council members helped facilitate the activities, lessons, energizers, and challenges, making sure every guest felt safe and comfortable throughout the day. To top it all off, we had a special guest performer, a magician — Takeshi — to perform a an amazing magic show and to emphasize the theme for HLC2017, “The Magic of Leadership!” As the day started to come to an end, we wrapped it up with a lesson on how to leave a legacy….We said our goodbyes to the elementary student councils and thanked them for attending. Everyone had fun and learned more about leadership in the process. We hope next year can be just as great, or maybe even more magical than this year’s event!  Taylor, SG Vice-President 

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