Kick It to the Limit

Written by Cherami Makimoto, Highlands Voice, Highlands Intermediate School

“We gotta kick it, to the limit, ‘cause we’re in it to win it, oh yeah! This soccer season kicks off on the 28th of February all the way until March 14th. Watch out everybody, the Colts soccer players are coming to town.

This season’s coach is Ms. Shirafuji, who is also the 7th grader’s health teacher. It is her first year teaching here and she enjoys coaching our Colts soccer team. “They’ve been ready for competition since day 1” she stated with pride. Our Colts have a lot of skill.

  In order to prepare the team for games, practices take place. A typical practice day for players starts right after school at 2:15 PM. They begin with study hall because grades determine if you play or not. Then, they get straight to warm ups. After some ball handling, they scrimmage. Kira Bogacz comments that she enjoys practicing at school because she gets to play with her friends. She gets the opportunity to play with her friends that do not play with her in her club.

  Ms. Shirafuji also wants the team become a family on and off the field. Mark Grospe, a goalie on the team says he enjoys meeting new people especially the 7th graders. Ms. Shirafuji hopes for them to play like a team and learn to not be sore losers, but be good sports about it. “Winning isn’t everything, relationships are the one’s that last forever” she said. So the team is becoming a really close knit family.

Everyone has goals for themselves. However, some may have goals for their team as well. Bogacz’s goal for the team is to “win every game and have fun.” Plus, she would also like to make friends with the team mates she does not know. Almost similar to Ms. Shirafuji’s goal for the team. Her goal is for the team to connect not only on the field, but as well as socially. But, one of her other main goals is for the team to have fun. Grospe, also has goals for the team. Personally, he wants to block as many balls as possible. For the team, he wants the colts to be “undefeated.”

The Colts played against Waianae at Wainae Intermediate on Thursday, March 2nd, where Colts defeated Waianae 13-0. Congratulations Colts and good luck in your next games!

Photo by Cherami Makimoto, Highlands Voice

"The Colts Soccer team practices hard before every game."