A New Era of Student Government

Written by Crista Inouye, Highlands Voice, Highlands Intermediate School

Over 30 students ran for president, vice-president, secretary, treasurer, or class representative in the annual 8th and 9th grade Student Council Election. Voting was open from February 20th to the 23rd online and the results were announced on Friday, the 24th.

  Remy Kubota, a student on Hui Mana’o, applied and ran for class representative. She said, “To me, student government involves a person having integrity, leadership, responsibility, and many other things. Although I have not perfected any of these things, I always try my best to make up for what I lack at.” Remy, along with Lilah Quimoyog-Cabatbat and Lily Leopold, are going to be the 9th grade class representatives next year, at Pearl City High School.

  Remy wanted to contribute her ideas and help out with student government, which is why she ran for class representative. “I saw the type of work the student government did in 7th and 8th grade and it was amazing! From there on, I knew that I wanted to be part of student government and be able to contribute.” Remy’s role requires her to gather the opinions of 9th graders on certain matters and report it back to student government. That way, she and the other students can help make activities more fun and exciting.

  Another student who ran in the election, Kira Bogacz, also wants to help make activities entertaining. The office that she ran for and won is the secretary, the person who takes care of the money and “make sure you stay under the budget.” She said that since she won the secretary election, she’ll “make sure to take care of the money correctly and try to make the freshman activities the best they can be.” Kira said that she is responsible and will keep track of things. She has had previous experience as a secretary and has handled money before.

  Regardless of the results, Mr. White said he is proud of every student who ran for the election. The student council will continue to work hard and dedicate their time to make activities the best that they can.

Photo provided by Highlands Voice

Seventh and eighth graders who participated in the 2017 student council elections.



8th Grade Council

SG President – Bianca Tamayo

SG Vice President – Skyla Oshiro

SG Secretary – Cheyna Bumanglag

SG Treasurer – Brandie Tanji

8th Grade President – Taylor Ann Agena

8th Grade Vice President – Danni Neyer

8th Grade Secretary – Amaia Cariaga

8th Grade Treasurer – Ocean Tugaoen

Student Co. Historian – Tricia Macaburas


9th Grade Council

President – Sachi Sato

Vice President – Jaydelle Vierra

Secretary – Kasey Fujioka

Treasurer – Kira Bogacz

9th Grade Representatives – Lily Leopold, Remy Kubota,

Lilah Quimoyog-Cabatbat, Noelani Tugaoen, Jacob Reece Kamanao Bulosan