Music Comes to Maui

May 3, 2017 | PC Sports

Written by Rayne Namuo, Highlands Voice, Highlands Intermediate School


Aloha passengers! Welcome to Hawaiian Airlines, please fasten your seatbelts we will be flying off to Maui soon! A phrase Highlands Band students heard while boarding the plane to their  trip to the Valley Isle. From March 16th-18th HIS band flew up to Maui for 2 performances and lots of fun. With 65 students, 5 chaperones and 11 students with each chaperone, there was a lot happening,but how did Highlands students feel about their trip?


 “I felt excited it gave me a better chance to get closer to some friends.” Exactly​ how Shylee Kam felt on the trip. On a scale of 1-10 she said she would rate the trip a 9. Kam rated it a 9 for two reasons, first you do not have your parents and second, your parents call you the entire time. Even though band students went to Maui for performances,that is not all they did. After arriving at Kahului airport​, HIS band students first activity on the list was Maui Golf and Sports Park. Next, was a show at the Maui Theatre for a show called “Ulalena”.


 HIS Band students performed at two places. First was at Maui Waena Intermediate School. The next performance was the same day, but at the Queen Ka’ahumanu Center. After their performance at the center, HIS Band went to see the new movie, “Beauty and the Beast”. The next morning was time to pack, but they still had time to go to the Maui Tropical Plantation and the Maui Ocean Center. Lastly, was the mall then off to the airport and back home to Oahu.

 Band students must of had a lot of fun in the trip, but what was the overall best part? Well, Mayma R-Miochy says that the part she most liked was being with her friends. Also, she said “Having fun with friends in the hotel room and freetime.” Shylee Kam said that the best part was going to watch “Beauty and the Beast”.

 “Stick with your group and have fun.” R-miochy gives advice for students​ going​ on the trip next year. So Highlands, are you going next year?



 Photo by Highlands Voice, Highlands Intermediate School