Leeward Community College Discovery Fair, Sat. November 4, 9am-3:00pm

Discovery Fair 2017


Discovery Fair is a perfect way to spend the day for all family members. The family-oriented day includes native plant sales, food booths, a book fair and interactive exhibits and games.  Admission is free, with ample free parking.

Highlights of the Fair are the bustling hands-on, interactive learning activities for the entire family. This year, you'll be able to become a virtual firefighter, launch a rocket or decode an Egyptian hieroglyphic message!

Fair activities include:

Polymer Worms: Squiggle, squeeze and turn liquids into solids, creating your own polymer worms or a bag of the silliest putty

Rockets: Create and launch a high-flying rocket!

Quicksand Goo –  Fair Fan Fav!!
Shake, break and splash! A gooey delight.

Banana Bongos: Go bonkers with bananas and make music with everyday objects!
Skittles Art: Create a pattern, add some warmth, and watch your artwork draw itself.

Bubble Geometry: Take a stand inside a giant bubble…or fill the air with awesome orbs.

Easy Magic Tricks: Dazzle and impress your friends .

Weird Gears: Create & conquer an inter-locking array.

Lightning Bolt Challenge: Test your tool skills in this timed challenge. Compete for prizes!

Fun with Fish: Learn the ancient art of Gyotaku & create an artistic print of a fish.

Become a Virtual Fire Fighter
Take control in the Hawai‘i Fire Department’s Interactive Firehouse!

And so much more:

  • Make & Take Crafts
  • Pottery Wheel
  • Fossil Scavenger Hunt
  • Science Magic
  • Storytelling
  • Brain Games
  • Art Projects
  • Bug City
  • Native Plant Sales
  • Free Used Books

 Weed & Seed Safe Communities
Get a free Keiki ID, explore emergency vehicles, talk to a fireman, and see the trained canine unit.   

Saturday, November 4 at 9:00am to 3:00pm