18 tons of snow falls upon Momilani Elementary School

Momilani Elementary School held their annual Snow Day on Monday as the school grobecame a Wintery Wonderland after 18 tons of snow was dumped on the school campus near the Momilani cafeteria.

Mahalo to Verne Santos, owner of B&C Truckling for donating his trucking service as well as 6 tons of snow. Monday’s snow drop marks 17 years in a row that Mr. Santos and his B&C Trucking Company has generously donated his trucking service and snow for the Momilani Elementary School students from preschool through grade 6 to enjoy with classmates throughout the day.

Mahalo to Hui O Momilani (Momilani PTSO) who purchased an additional 6 tons to add to their annual 6 ton donation for a total of 12 tons of snow sponsored by Hui O Momilani.

“Today we’re having Snow Day at Momilani Elementary School to allow the children to experience what it might be like for the students to play in snow,” said Garrett Arakawa, Vice Principal, Momilani Elementary School. “Some of these students have never gotten an opportunity to play in snow before. Our Hui O Momilani, (our PTSO), school counselor Mr. Lance Nishihara, and Mr. Verne Santos with B&C Trucking, graciously offered us the opportunity to have a couple of snow piles on our campus. Today we will be having 18 tons of snow, 6 tons of which is donated by B&C Trucking, as well as trucking services to bring in the snow.. The 18 tons will be split into two piles of 9 tons of which the students will have 30-45 minutes of uninterrupted play in the snow.” 

“The kids look forward to it every year, and this is our seventeenth year,” said Lance Nishihara. “Thanks to B&C Trucking and Verne Santos. The kids really enjoy snow day. This year we increased the snow to 18 tons. We have to remind the students to take home their wet clothes.”

“It’s really nice having the extra snow this year,” said Verne Santos.  “It’s a good idea to have the kids get the snow when it’s still really fresh. Providing the snow donation allows the students to see the trucks and learn about the trucking industry. It’s amazing after seventeen years, you know you see this every year, but every year it’s really exciting, especially seeing the kindergarten class get so excited to see snow. We also read the letters that they write. They are so happy to see snow, they never played in snow before and say thank you Uncle Verne. Christmas morning I was sitting down and my wife and son were opening up the letters and reading them and I was just sitting down, listening to them, and what the kids had to say. It’s terrific to read the letters.”

Thank you to everyone who came together to make Momilani Elementary’s Snow Day a fun experience for all the students.

Happy Holidays!

Photo by Barry Villamil | [email protected]

The first drop of 9 tons of snow fell upon the Momilani Elementary

campus at 8:15am in the morning on Monday, December 18, 2017.

Another 9 ton drop followed at around 8:30am.

Photo by Barry Villamil | [email protected]

Garrett Arakawa, Vice Principal, Momilani Elementary School

Photo by Barry Villamil | [email protected]

(Pictured L-R) Lance Nishihara, Counselor, Momilani Elementary School, Verne Santos,

Owner, B&C Trucking, and Garrett Arakawa, Vice Principal, Momilani Elementary School.

Garrett Arakawa, Vice Principal, Momilani Elementary School

Verne Santos (center, top row) is pictured with a thank you gift basket that

was presented by Momilani students (front row). Also pictured,(top row, L-R)):

Garrett Arakawa; Lee, B&C Trucking driver; Verne Santos; Daniel, B&C

Trucking driver; Lance Nishihara.