Congratulations to an amazing sister!

By Kekoa Manner:

I just wanted to share . .even though it happened 2 years. . and I would like to congratulate my sister, Kamalani for being recognized as the ILH 2016 Girls Varsity Jared Kaufmann Singles Champion for Hanalani Schools.  And even if bowling is on the bottom of her list from surfing, basketball, volleyball, and flag football. . . .I'm proud that she has accomplished a sport without even trying. . Bowling was just something our mom had us do on Saturdays at Leeward Bowl when we were younger.  We were both on the Leeward Junior Bowling Club. . .between she and I. . we always make jokes about who was better. . for me, I almost became bowler of the year. . I was just short by 1 pin. . then another year Kamalani was the first runner-up in the Pepsi Challenge.. . till this very day. . we still challenge each other when we have spare time to see who is the best. . . . .

Good job Kamalani!


Photo provided by Kekoa Manner

Photo of Kamalani and Hanalani Schools Athletic Director: Mr. Nagata

Photo provided by Kekoa Manner

Photo of my Grandma, My Mom, me, and Kamalani/Mr. Nagata