Aloha Hula win multiple awards at 2018 Spotlight Dance Cup Regional Competition

May 29, 2018 | PC Community

By Kekoa Manner:

I just had to share what an amazing weekend Aloha Hula had at the 2018 Spotlight Dance Cup Regional Competition held at Kaimuki High School Auditorium.  They had a total of 6 entries and brought home more awards than they expected.. .an Emerald, 2 Rubies, 3 Diamonds, 1 Diamond Overall for a group entry, and 1 Ruby Overall for a solo dancer.  This really was a big surprise and a very emotional moment for all of them.  The senior girls received an invitation to go to New York for a 4 day Broadway Tour in July.  They also got a studio achievement award.  

I would like to send a big MAHALO to the  following people for their  help and love:

Palisades Elementary Principal Mr. Tsue for allowing Aloha Hula to practice after school the week of Spotlight Dance Cup Competition

Erika for helping my mom with the 5 w's

Joan for sewing the Junior Girls Hula Outfits

Tess, from Aloha Fabrics, for sewing the Senior Girls Hula Outfits

Aunty Nikki, for sewing her daughter, Jeny, her winning solo hula outfit

Aloha Hula Supply for making the Tahitian Headbands last minute

Harriet's Lei Stand for the solo dancer crown flower leis

My sisters Tina and Kamalani for helping our mom teach the girls their hula numbers

Aloha Hula parents and dancers

And last but not least, executive producer of Brown Bags To Stardom, Johnny Kai, who continues to believe and support Aloha Hula . . 

Thank you,


Photo provided by Kekoa Manner

Photo provided by Kekoa Manner

Photo provided by Kekoa Manner

Photo provided by Kekoa Manner