By Kekoa Manner

It's quite unique to see a group of young children come together in one place on a Saturday to show what many hands working together can accomplish.  On Saturday, November 10, robotic teams from Pearl City Highlands Elementary, PCHES Maroon and PCHES 1419 and their advisers, Kathy Kawabata, Lauren Kim, Jocelynne Mizuuchi, and Bob Fujikawa, had a busy morning at the Central Oahu VEX League held at Hanalani Schools.  They presented what they had during Saturday's ranking session.  Since September, the children have been meeting with their advisers twice a week.  The children had to come up with a design and build a working robot through their skills and creativity.  This group of youngsters truly have Aloha for each other. . . Their smiles and their robots say it all. . .

Great Team work everyone!!!


Photo by Jocelynne Mizuuchi

Photo by Jocelynne Mizuuchi