Ka Pilina o ka Hula me ka Ho’okanikapila caps whirlwind weekend at Pearl City Carnival

Nov 19, 2018 | PC Community

By Makua Leilani:

A year ago we were asked by Brown Bags To Stardom executive producer, Johnny Kai, to be a part of the first ever Hula Girl Festival in Waikiki.  We made 40 Ribbon leis as a welcome gift of Aloha for the Japan hula dancers that came down this weekend to be a part of the Hula Girl Festival too. . 

On Friday, our first performance was on an open grass stage area on Waikiki Beach walk. . .It was a special performance because this was the first time the hula girls had live music played while they danced hula by Palisades Elementary brothers, Slayter and Stryker Teves, singing one song each, and hula dad, (of Rylee and Caitlyn), Matt Samson. . having a family moment with one of the 4 songs he sang. .  . .it was one of the best performances we ever had.  

On Saturday, our second performance was on the stage of Shirokiya Japan Village Walk at Ala Moana.  I had a tear jerking moment because my Hawaiian Studies buddy, Makua Janet, caught 2 buses just to come watch and support us during our performance.  This lady has so much ALOHA.  She even made sure I had something to drink and eat because she knows I never have time to do anything for myself.  The audience cheered for us the entire performance.  We returned to Waikiki Beach walk for our third performance. 

Yesterday was our fourth and final performance at the Pearl City High School Carnival.  .

I would like to thank the following for this wonderful weekend:

Johnny Kai

Embassy Suites Waikiki, HIlton Hawaiian Village Waikiki Beach Resort

Matt, Stryker, Slayter (live music)

Shannon and her mom, Erika, and Joanne (Leis)

Kiley (Emcee)

Ka Pilina o ka Hula me ka Ho'okanikapila (dancers and their 'ohana)

Makua Janet (our number one supporter)

Keoni for giving us our new name, Ka Pilina o ka Hula me ka Ho'okanikapila


This proves when we aloha and malama kekahi i kekahi (love and take care of one another) things will get done.


Makua Leilani


Photo by Erika

Pictured: Hula dad, Matt, and his 2 daughters Caitlyn and Rylee

Photo by Shannon

Pictured: Ka PIlina o ka Hula me ka Ho'okanikapila receives

a Certificate Of Participation for the Hula Girl Festival

Photo by Makua Janet

Pictured: Stryker on Ukulele, Arahmae singing

Photo by Shannon

Pictured: Slayter and the Jr. Girls

Photo by Kawika

Pearl City High School Carnival

Photo by Kawika

Pearl City High School Carnival