Awesome time at Brown Bags to Stardom Waikiki Block Party

Mar 3, 2019 | PC Community

By Kekoa Manner:

Just wanted to share something amazing yesterday:

My stubborn mom surprised me yesterday. . she suppose to be resting her legs. .instead, she asked if I could help her video and take pictures of her hula girls performance for the Brown Bags to Stardom Waikiki Block Party.  I didn't realize how many girls were going.  To my surprise, one of her former hula dancer, Makanani, who is now in High School came after her tennis game and performed a solo.  Next my mom had a mixed group of Intermediate and elementary girls. .and her last group was made up of Palisades Elementary first timers.  . 8 Kindergartners and 1 first grader.  Johnny Kai was amazed as the girls went from oldest to youngest during their performance . . .He announced that he remembers Makanani when she was dancing with my mom when she was in elementary and intermediate.

Another surprise was Arahmae, who swung by to do a solo vocal.  Her performance was awesome as always. 

Before the hula performance, I notice alot of tourists asking the hula dancers to take pictures with them.  They also asked my mom what time the girls would go on because they wanted to see them dance.  The hula girls really wowed the crowd in Waikiki. 

I would like to send a big MAHALO to the following people:  (I'd like to apologize in advance if I missed anyone or misspelled their name)

Johnny Kai, executive producer of Brown Bags To Stardom, for allowing Ka Pilina o ka Hula me ka Ho'okanikapila to be part of the line-up for this awesome event

Tess, from Aloha Fabrics for sewing the girls beautiful hula outfits last minute

Makanani, Arahmae, Nathalia, Nalani, Isabella, Kaydi 

Peyton, Diana, Nami, Elisse, Maddy, Avery, Sara, Macie, Lea

All the backstage moms who helped my mom get the girls ready

All the family, friends, and guests who came to watch and support the hula girls




Photo by Armida

 Photo by Kekoa

 Photo by Kekoa

 Photo by Kekoa

Photo by Christine