Love from above, rest in Peace Aunty…

Mar 13, 2019 | PC Community

Today I attended the funeral of my neighbor. She had a full life and lived to the age of 91. Her funeral service was filled with love from her family and friends. Her son and grandsons spoke during her uelogy of their love for her and the warmth of her love for them and their family and friends / neighbors.

After her church service in Pearl City, I was invited to lunch by a very special girl in my life. A rare opportunity to spend lunch together on a weekday. We went to CPK at Pearlridge Center. I ordered a ham and pineapple pizza and when it came I noticed a heart shape in one of the pineapple slices. I believe it was the spirit of my neighbor who was happy to see us together as her soul sent us a message of her love from the light. It was an amazing experience.

I shared the heart image on my slice of pizza with my waitress and she shared it with the CPK staff who thought it was really cool! .

As I write this message, I can hear her family and friends singing their hearts out in their garage a few houses down the street. She also loved to sing and had a beautiful voice.

Today was such a blessed moment and celebration of life.

Love you Aunty…