Shane Barry, “Excellence with Honor” on the 4th of July

I would like to wish you a Happy Fourth of July and also introduce to you a 2019 graduate of Pearl City High School who represents the future of our American freedom as he has just entered the United States Military Academy at West Point. Shane Barry truly exemplifies the PCHS motto of "Excellence with Honor."  He is a 2019 PCHS valedictorian and also received the “Charger of the Year" award for excelling as a decorated student athlete.

Shane’s lives his life with the spirit and pride of "Excellence with Honor” that began at home and has guided him through high school and towards reaching his goals and dreams of being selected and appointed to West Point. On July 1st 2019 Shane left Hawaii for Cadet Basic Training (known as BEAST). He is an intelligent and extremely talented and brave young man who has set upon a path to serve his country while protecting and defending our freedom and independence in War and Peace.

Photo courtesy of Dennis Barry

I would like to thank Shane and his parents Dennis and Yumiko for providing their comments below:

Comments on receiving "Charger of the Year":

Shane's comments:

It is a great honor to be recognized as PCHS "Charger of the Year."

Knowing that my name will be added to the decades-old and treasured "Charger of the Year" trophy is very humbling.

I intend to always live by the PCHS motto of "Excellence with Honor."  I will forever represent Pearl City High School and the people within our community wherever I go!

I have realized that my legacy at PCHS will live on through the prestigious trophy.

Family comments:

It was a very emotional moment when Shane told us he was nominated for "Charger of the Year."

Seeing Shane's passion and pride during the essay writing and his interview preparation was a heartwarming parenting moment for us.

When awarded "Charger of the Year" we could see that it meant so much for Shane.  His hard work and dedication at PCHS is a direct reflection of the level of Aloha that the staff, teachers, counselors, and coaches deliver.

Photo courtesy of Dennis Barry

Comments on receiving "Appointment to the United State Military Academy at West Point":

Shane's comments:

I knew it was going to be a grueling process to apply for an appointment to the United State Military Academy at West Point.  The application process began last year of March took 7-8 months, to be considered I needed to secure a nomination from one of our state senators.  Also, I needed to be qualified medically and physically.   It felt like I filled out hundreds of forms before the selection process began.

I'll never forget the day I received the call from the honorable Mazie Hirono's office, they said "congratulations on your appointment to West Point!"  The feeling was so intense I could hardly contain myself.

Most importantly, serving my country and representing the Pearl City community and the beautiful state of Hawaii will be my life-long goal.

Family comments:

Shane told us about his selection on a Friday afternoon in March, the weekend was an emotional roller coaster, to say the least. We experienced every emotion from extreme happiness to realizing that we were only months away from saying goodbye. 

Roughly 15,000 people across the United States applied to US Military Academy, about 3,000 were fully qualified, and of those 3,000 only 1,300 were appointed to West Point.

It's incredible that someone from a public school in the middle of the Pacific Ocean could attain such a prestigious appointment to America's premier Leadership Academy.

Photo by Barry Villamil | [email protected]

Photo courtesy of Dennis Barry

Mahalo Shane! Our prayers and gratitude are with you always...